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If you’re sick, you go to the doctor. If your car breaks down, you go to a mechanic. When a person is affected by black magic or possession, who can they go to without being called crazy? Black magic and demonic possession exists and is all mentioned in the Holy Qur’an. I have helped people who are victims of black magic and related arts. If you are suffering from attacks & bad luck, I will lend a helping hand; all with the willingness of Allah.

I have been in the paranormal field for 35+ years. I have worked with Djinns and Demonic entities, performed exorcisms, cleared homes from such entities. I have knowledge about Qareen (Hamzaad) Mukalat as well and I am aware of the different kind of ritual used. I also perform spiritual work to help boost your success in areas such as money, love, luck & protection etc. My methods are ethical. Do not ask me to do something wrong.

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Over the years I have acquired many magical traits and I am making real & effective Talisman. My Talisman/Taweez/Amulet is not an ordinary one; I have spent years and years learning to do it in proper way, which at times can takes weeks to create one item. I assure you that you can get great results from a simple Islamic Talisman/Taweez/Amulet and Prayer to Allah. My skills have been learned from all over the globe.

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Authentic Real Jinn Talisman Ring Amulet Spiritual Service Seller Brother RahmanWhen I introduced myself on the internet, many doubted my work and me. Many compared me to other sellers who are nothing but con artists. It is an "everyday thing" for sellers to come on the internet; sell Djinn or two and then be gone. Depending on the extent of the problem and the making of an item to help one with the issue is not like "a day at the park". Some Talismans that are created by me to help one remove the effect of black magic with Allah's (swt) grace, can take me 21++ days to make. This would involve 2-3 hours of chanting for over a week. This would involve fasting (I had recently lost 11 pounds for a client of mine, due to the mere fact that the help I was trying to provide her resulted me in doing many days of fasting); calling upon Muwakill/Jinn or related entities to seek guidance (if needed). Preparing the item as all my items are handmade, everything written inside each Talisman/Taweez is hand written and some of the things that are written by hand are hundreds and hundreds of words long. Some are written on Animal skin; from there the item has to be prepared and so on. It is a very complicated process and it takes much of my time. So please do not compare me to the "other sellers" on the online who sell so called Talisman/Taweez/Amulet/Ring, Spiritual Entities & other metaphysical/spiritual object, product, spell and/or services. Please do not ask me to break up a couple because you think this male/female would rather be with you. I’m not here to sin or use my abilities wrongfully to make some money or to make you happy; that’s not me.

Brother Rahman

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Helping someone with djinn/jinn/demonic possession, black magic/hex & spiritual illness/ailment is sad, but I'm so glad when I can help. It is so hard when you have an actual spiritual problem, but everyone else thinks you're crazy. That can make things so difficult. You feel so alone, so sad. You have no one to talk to and we human need communication with others. It helps, it eases the pain. When someone tells you, "It's all in your head", it can really hurt. I will help anyone I can, even if I feel my life is in jeopardy, I will still do everything I can to bring peace to that person. If that is how I am to die, then hamdulillah; so let it be. We don't have many years on earth. We will all pass away one day; therefore, I am not afraid of death. What I am afraid of is not helping enough people before I die.

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