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Ultimate Djinn, Demon & Dark Spirit Protection


Product Description

Today I present “A combination of Talismans” for the highest of protection from Dark Entities such as Djinn/Jinn, Demons and similar spirits from the unseen world. The Talisman will be made specifically for the individual's needs. Talisman will consist of:


1) 101 Aluwi Angel Talisman

2) Home Protection from Djinn (Talisman to be placed specifically in the home)

3) The third talisman will be made for a specific reason.


For example: The person is buying this protection pack because he/she wants to remain safe from Djinn. Or is the person buying the protection pack because they feel they are under the influence of a Dark Spirit, Demon or Dark entity. Since this protection pack can be used for many reason that go hand in hand with Dark Spirit problems, the individual will need to inform me of the exact reason why they feel they need to buy this Protection pack, so the final talisman can be made accordingly and work properly with the other two talisman.


In MOST cases the 101 Aluwi Talisman will solve majority of Dark Spirit related issues, but in some cases, extra measures need to be taken. Only for extreme reason I suggest this protection pack. No need to buy it for normal protection, as this should be only bought for active Dark Spirit related problems.


I insist anyone interested in this protection pack to read my listing of the 101 Aluwi Talisman, as well as the listing of; Home Protection from Djinn Talisman. Two items that I also sell separately that are included in this protection pack.


This is a very strong combination, and I GUARANTEE ANYONE HAVING ANY DJINN/ DEMON & DARK SPIRIT  RELATED PROBLEMS; WILL FIND THESE ITEMS A POWERFUL BLESSING. The item should be felt the day it arrive at your door, there is no 30 day wait time or some nonsense of letting the talisman settle in. The item's energy as well as my other item's energy is felt as soon as you get them in your hands.


Since this Protection Pack is intended for extreme cases, I will make this item in a respected days of time, of 21-25 days, and for that reason as well, would like an explanation of why you feel this item is needed, so i can make the final call and inform you if this item is right for you or not. In most cases the 101 Aluwi Talisman alone will solve the demonic problem, or another type of protection talisman. Since this item is made for emergencies and involves much work, and needs to be completed quickly, I would like full explanation of the problem.

There is no need to kill ant with "A Cannon".




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