Affected by BlackMagic

Victims of Black Magic:

Victim of BlackMagic Affected by deadly black magic Brother RahmanProphet Muhammad (PBUH) was at one time in his beautiful live affected by black magic, but Allah had sent down Surrahs to combat Black Magic. The point I'm trying to make is, do not be so naive and think you cannot be harmed by Black Magic. Because indeed you and anyone else in this world can.

As with all diseases Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala has made a cure. Some cures we still seek, but the cure for the Spiritual problems caused by Black Magic, we have the cure, ALHAMDULILLAH.

Everything is in the hands of Allah (Swt). There is nothing neither I nor you can do without having the help of Allah (swt) and be successful at it. Same goes with Black Magic. The final decision lays In Allahs (swt) hands but if indeed you are affected by Black Magic, Inshallah you soon will be cured. Have faith in HE, who created you, have faith in HE who created this world, have faith in HE, who sent down the Angels Harut and Marut to Babylon with the knowledge of Black Magic. But neither of these taught anyone such things without saying "we are only for trial; so do no “blaspheme". They learned from them the means to sow discord between man and wife, but they could not thus harm anyone except by Allah’s Permission. (Surrah Al-Baqarah: Verse 102).

What I provide you are tools, nothing but mere assistance. These tools, this assistance along with your faith in Allah (swt) Inshallah will give you the cure you seek.


Djinn Possession - Brother Rahman(Please note, after a full spiritual investigation is when one can be labeled as a victim of black magic, some issues can be simple cases of Medical Problem)

1. Drifting further away from religion

2. Not wanting to do Salat (Namaz/Prayer) or becomes difficult

3. Body, soul, feeling anger, abnormal, annoyed when listening to Quran

4. Having difficulty reciting the Quran when you always had recited it without difficulty in the past

5. Feeling of burning, hotness, fatigue, anger, sadness, when doing anything related to prayers

6. Suddenly things going well become bad, like marriage proposals go from "yes" to "no"

7. People Loyal to you, turn away from you

8. Different personalities

9. When looking in mirror feeling like another person

10. Someone you would not think twice about, buy suddenly can't get them off your mind.

11. Feeling as you have stopped living, as you have hit a brick wall, everything just stopped and got out of order

12. Sudden illness

13. Slowly moving forward in life, everything is boring or saddens you

14. Scared, fear & anxious

15. Anger, negativity in actions and thinking, outside of your character

16. Bad Memory (Check for Memory increasing Talisman)

17. Feeling imbalanced, not like yourself

18. Suddenly Always tired

19. Certain part of body gets sore, muscle twitching, odd occurrences to your body

20. Chills and goose bumps suddenly

21. Insomnia, having hard time resting, sleepy throughout the day

22. Sudden Nightmares and unusual dreams

23. People reacting negatively towards you, even when being nice, people think your being rude/mean

24. Sudden bad luck, things turn bad quickly and suddenly

25. Sudden accidents

26. You feel other people wish not to be around/near you

27. Conflicts and confrontations arise unexpectedly; people seem to be acting strange toward you

28. Career problems, including a block in the influx of money

***  This is about 25% of the symptoms, please understand a full spiritual investigation must be done to know for certain, if your symptoms are in-fact caused/related by Black-Magic.

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