Black Magic: Can I be protected from All Black Magic

Black Magic Can I be protected from All Black Magic or can it be forever prevented Brother Rahman

Can I be protected from All Black Magic, Can It Be Forever Prevented ?

Often I’m asked by victims of black magic after it is removed or even before they get treatment from me or whomever if they can be protected from black magic forever, is there a way to prevent black magic from ever happening again? Surely black magic is a concern and the victims of it even after they are healed will always fear it because of the destruction it may have caused. So for them to wonder if they can be protected from all future black magic attacks, if black magic can be prevent forever is an honest and understandable question but unfortunately the answer is NO.

I will try to explain why the answer is “NO” Inshallah. Allah forbid, let’s say a thief breaks in to your home and this thief specializes in lock picking and the ONLY way this thief knows how to get in his victims home is by picking the locks. This is the only method he knows and for this reason this is the only method feels comfortable doing. One day the victim of this thief comes home and sees his home has been broken in to (Astaghfirullah) and whomever broke into his home did so by picking the lock on his door which then allowed the thief to go in this person home. Now the victim wants to prevent this happening again so he puts extra locks on his door, buy locks that can’t be picked (if there is/was such a thing) Alhamdulillah. A few months pass by and the thief remembers of the home he broke into a few months ago and sees it as an easy target so he decides to break into that home again but upon arrival he notices the door lock can no longer be picked and owner of this home has placed extra door locks that also cannot be broken into. After seeing this, the thief leaves because this home is too well protected for his “method of breaking” into his home so the thief must return. Black magic is related to this example and I will explain how, Inshallah. A man wants black magic done on his friend so he approaches a magician. This magician is very good at making talisman/taweeze that affects a person livelihood so the man pays this magician to do magic on his friend to ruin his friend’s finances. A few weeks later the victim starts having many financial problems that are unexplainable so he approaches “a healer”. The healer informs him magic has done on by via talisman/taweeze and the healer Alhamdulillah destroys the taweeze that has caused the financial loss and then gives the victim some items for “enhanced protected” and places a hisar (protective circle) around the victim so the magician can no longer harm him Inshallah. Now in this cases the magician cannot harm this person again because his method delivering the magic has been stopped, proper protection items have been given to the victim and now this magician method of harming people is useless. But now what happens if this so called friend approaches another magician who is more advanced; who uses a form of rituals along with taweez to deliver black magic to his victim, is his friend also protected from this type of black magic? Of course not.

Earlier I had given you an example about a man who got robbed and the thief broke into his home by picking his lock so the owner of the home reinforced his home so his lock can no longer be picked. Now does this mean the home is “thief proof” simply because the doors of this home are no longer pickable? Of course not, there is many ways for a thief to break in a person home and while it is possible to make a home fairly “thief proof”; it is not possible for us to be 100% “black magic proof”.

There are hundreds if not thousands of ways to perform black magic via rituals, by demonic entities, talisman, etc. One may wonder why they cannot be protected from all entities that one can use to deliver black magic or why can one not be protected from all rituals used to deliver black magic and this is because each entity, each ritual, even talismans have their own special way to deliver black magic to its victim making it impossible to be protected from each and every one of these methods (Unless if Allah wills) because many methods the healer does not even know about until the treatment has been started and then the healer can do something (in most cases) to stop that method of delivery of black magic that is harming the victim, Inshallah. Some method of black magic can be done over and over by the same magician due to the type of black magic. For instance, “Kali Masan” is type of black magic where a dead person’s ash is used. The ash is first ritualized and then fed to its victim. It is a VERY deadly form of black magic and to treat it is fairly difficult but not impossible. Now if one is afflicted by such a magic but finds treatment and then sometime later they are fed such ash again by the same magician, they will once again have to seek treatment just because the type of black magic it is. Another similar type of black magic that is prominent and powerful mainly in the island of Bali is called “Leyak/Leak”. Due to the style of this magic, if one lives in Bali they can be affected repeatedly by this magic but one can take the proper steps to make future attacks of such magic not as powerful. This can also be done with “Kali Masan” but only to a certain extent simply because in “Kali Masan” the victim is physically fed something.

Allah knows best.

The good news is people often use one magician to do their dirty work and once they see a person has been harmed from that magician they now have faith in that magician. So if the victim of this magician finds cure and the ones who paid the magician to do the magic notices the victim is improving they will just keep paying the magician more money to do something stronger. Magicians are greedy; they will simply tell the client they need to pay “X amount of money” because the magician needs to do bigger/stronger magic on the victim to see the desired results even though the magician knows his work is useless against the victim now. Most magician will not lose money by saying “their method of black magic” is no longer affecting the victim.


The answer is YES. One can build their natural spiritual protection so strong that it can be very difficult for any magician to do magic on such a person but not impossible. How can this be done? Well, Allah has blessed us with the Holy Quran, Allah has given us tools designed specifically to fight black magic and if one makes a habit of reciting these Surahs (prayers) daily, doing salat 5x a day, doing dzikir, staying in wudu, being a good person, having a strong clean aura, it makes it harder and harder for any “black magic magician” to harm such a person. Also specific amulets with proper Quranic verses prepared accordingly can also be used for enhanced protection and be prepared to combat and even prevent various forms of black magic INSHALLAH. And if one was to use these amulets along with the proper prayers, do salat 5x a day, etc, it will be extremely hard for any magician to hurt this person, INSHALLAH.

So there is hope but that hopes lies in our hard work and dedication to Allah.


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