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What is a Djinn/Jinn ?

Jinns (also spelled djinns) or genies are supernatural creatures that can shape-shift and provide humans with what seems like magical abilities. They also can take form as another living person or animal such as dogs and camels. Rarely do they take form as a smaller animal since death of the animal would lead to their […]

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Djinn/Jinn in True Form

A Djinn’s/Jinn’s true form can be seen by mages, practitioners and on rare occasion “a high level psychic”. When a practitioner sees a djinn, it is with his or her eyes open. In other words, it will appear in 3D so they cannot be mistaken by whether it was your imagination or not. Other intuitive […]

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Invisible vs Visible

Body Physics – Human & Djinn – Matter & Energy

Scientific Explanation of Human & Jinn physical body or Why Jinn is generally invisible   ALLAH (swt) reveals in the Holy Quran that the creation of the human is a miracle. The first human being was created by Allah shaping clay into human form and breathing a soul into it: He created man from sounding […]

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Where Djinn Lives

Where Djinn/Jinn Lives

Most entities exist in the astral realm. For djinn and demons, they usually reside near places of “filth” such as bathrooms and piles of rubbish. Now this does not mean they live in the bathroom or places as such, it just means their realms reside in such places. Other djinns have their homes near bodies […]

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Religious belief of Djinn

Djinn/Jinn and their religion

Djinn/Jinn is a bit like human in a sense that they have the ability to choose their beliefs. Some are Muslim, Christian, Jews, Hindus or Atheist. When they chose a religion, their beliefs do not differ much from the humans. Heaven and Hell was created for Two creations; Human and Djinn. Djinns and humans are […]

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Marriage - Human & Djinn - Brother Rahman

Marriage : Human & Djinn

Is it possible for a human to marry a djinn/Jinn ? Absolutely. It has happened in the past. All Muslim scholars agree djinn does marry among themselves, have children and a family system. Though “Imam Tha’Alibi” states, “some scholars say that human beings and djinns can intermarry and have children together”. In his book “Nawadir […]

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Types & Categories of Jinn Brother Rahman

Classifications of Djinn, Types & Categories of Jinn/Djinn

Many scholars put djinn/jinn in many different categories. I will not speak of each one but I’ll speak of how they are classed. AMIR : These are the Jinns that live among us, in or around our homes. They are not conjured or used for any reasons. GHOUL SI’LA: These are the Jinns used by […]

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The World of Djinn Jinn and Its Secrets Brother Rahman

The World of Djinn/Jinn and Its Secrets

People have often asked me to tell them about some secrets of the Jinn world, or some information about them that is not very well known. One must understand that some things one may come to learn in life from hard work and dedication is only for them to know. Some secrets cannot be shared […]

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You are lucky to get a Djinn !

Now a days everyone wants a Djinn/Jinn just as bad as they want a car. They think they will accomplish great things. Get a great job, make lots of money, have lots of power, be on top of the world. Well, WAKE UP ! You have been reading too much crap and watching too much […]

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Purpose of Djinn

Purpose of Djinn/Jinn : What a Jinn can do for me ?

Majority of the individuals that have asked me to help them obtain a djinn, have wanted it for things such as, to get ahead in life, get fame, power, money and everything else of this type. The question is can Djinn really helps us to get all we want ? Ever since we have been […]

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Can a Djinn Jinn Spirit Demon bring me money fame power Brother Rahman

Djinn Jinn Spirit Demon: Money Wealth Fortune Fame and Power

Today I will speak more about a subject I have spoken of before many times, but with a few more details this time around. I feel the amount of emails I receive from individuals who seem to think “Djinn can make them wealthy” need to be properly informed; due to their lack of knowledge in […]

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Djinn Jinn Spirit Demon Fairy Supernatural Being Can Make You Rich Extreme measures ill natured Ritual and Offerings Brother Rahman

Djinn Jinn Spirit Demon Fairy Supernatural Being Can Make You Rich : Extreme measures ill-natured Ritual & Offerings

Djinn Jinn Spirit Demon Fairy Supernatural Being Can Make You Rich? Extreme measures Ill-natured Ritual & Offerings Some years ago, I wrote articles explaining that if one has a Djinn/Jinn/Spirit/Entity, it does not mean that djinn can make that person rich. Even after this article, people still continued to ask me about stories they heard […]

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Djinn/Jinn/Jinni – Reality, Wish-granting & Purpose

Islamic Viewpoint on Different Beings. Wish granter: Djinn / Jinn can grant wish? What They Can Do for You?   I assume the confusion comes with the idea that a djinn, a fairy, a demon is all different beings and this is not true. Let me ask you, “Caucasian Female, A Chinese Man, An African […]

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Diet during Djinn Jinn & Muwakkil Khodam Conjuration Ritual Diet Jalali vs Jamali & Prerequisite brotherrahman

Diet during Djinn/Jinn & Muwakkil/Khodam Conjuration: Ritual Diet, Jalali vs Jamali Ritual & its Prerequisite

Today I will somewhat discus a very popular and in most cases, a diet that must be done when conjuring entities. Many people do not realize that entities especially Djinns and khodams/Muwakkils do not like the smell of specific things on us when we are trying to conjure them. These things can range from: * […]

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Djinn Conjuration Process

Djinn/Jinn Summoning, Invocation & Conjuration

Before you read further, this article doesn’t tell you how to conjure a Djinn. It speaks of conjuration process, what they are like and how others have made false claims about a Djinn Conjuration. To conjure a Djinn is by no mean an easy task for anyone regardless of how long they have been conjuring. […]

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Prerequisite & Precaution : Conjuration, Summoning & Invocation of a Jinn/djinn

Due to the large number of fakes on the Internet of Jinn related items, people are now trying to conjure their own Jinn, Khodam, etc. At least 2x in a week I get someone email me asking me to give them a ritual (amal) or tell them of a chilla for them to do so […]

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Friendship vs Control Evocation Conjuration of Djinn Jinn Spirit Entity Brother Rahman

Friendship vs Control: Evocation/Conjuration of Djinn Jinn Spirit Entity

Friendship vs Control: Evocation/Conjuration of Djinn Jinn Spirit Entity After one reaches the proper spiritual level and it is now time for them to try to conjure a Djinn/Jinn companion, they now need to decide what type or what type of relationship they seek with the entity they are wanting to conjure (inshallah), “control” or […]

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Shaitan/satan/shaytan Djinn/Jinn, Blackmagic, energy and Ruqyah effect

Question and Answer session between our client Nitinio and me.   Q1) Nitinio: I understand that there are jinns of different religions, hindu, jews, buddhist etc. Can they get burned if they possessed a human whilst ruqya is being performed? A1) Brother Rahman: YES, I HAVE SEEN MUSLIM JINNS BURNED BY RUQYA AS WELL AS […]

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Binding of Jinn to objects

Binding of Djinn/Jinn

In this section I clearly WILL NOT talk about how to bind Jinn, but just speak of the subject to bring some light to the one whom are of interest, in this subjected and related. The binding of Jinn to objects (stones) has been done for hundreds of years.  Many practitioners in the old days […]

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The Most Strongest Entity Inhabited Stone THE LEGEND OF MERAH DELIMA Sample Image2 Brother Rahman


It has been stated by some spiritual experts that the original “Merah Delima” is one of the most strongest entity inhabited stone man can posses. The power this stone holds is unique, immense, & surely legendary. Immunity to all weapons, luck, power, love, wealth, etc is only some of the greatness said to have befallen […]

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