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The Guardian of the Holy Letter of the Holy Quran KHODAM MUWAKIL Brother Rahman

Khodam / Muwakil, Who are they ?

Khodams are spiritual entities that are brought forward by purification of body and soul through Islamic prayers, chants and strong faith in the lord. Some call it an angelic race of djinns. Unlike djinns who have their own realm, the khodam does not. Their world is unknown. It is believed that a khodam is a […]

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Muwakil Khodam Djinn - the Guardian of the letters of the Holy Quran

Purpose of Khodam/Muwakil

Khodams serve the following purposes: ■ These are angelic beings that cause no harm ■ They are gifts from God ■ They were created to assist ■ They help you help others ■ Great for protection ■ Increase spirituality ■ Increase faith More information here… Product/Service related items Here-1, Here-2.  

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Conjuration of a Djinn

Conjuration of Khodam/Muwakkil

It takes anywhere from 30 days to a year to conjure a Khodam/Muwakil depending on your knowledge, faith and if your teacher has a Khodam. There is a lot of fasting, prayers, chants and time alone away from human life. There are some specific movements, waking up at specific times to do specific prayers and […]

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Jinn Djinn Muwakil Khodam Brother Rahman

What is the difference betweem a Khodam/Muwakil and a Jinn

Khodam/Muwakils are extremely strong. But to some, a jinn is stronger, why is this ? Because a Jinn will do pretty much anything. It is like a human, it does good and bad, where a Muwakkil/Khodam will do NO bad, they are the guardians of the Holly Letters of the Quran and the 99 beautiful […]

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Powerful Spiritual Creation of Allah Khodam Muwakil Brother Rahman

The Truth About Khodam Muwakil

Allah Subahana Wa’tala has created many creations, some we know about and some we do not. Muwakil is a creation of Allah that we have some information on. According to some, Muwakil/Khodam is between an Angel and Jinn. They are created from light similar to angels where Jinns are created from smokeless fire. Some scholar […]

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