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Recent Trip to Indonesia Brother Rahman

Brother Rahman, Recent Experience in Indonesia

MY MOST RECENT TRIP TO INDONESIA Brother Rahman, Recent Experience in Indonesia I often get asked to write about my experience when I travel abroad, today Inshallah I will write about my recent trip to Indonesia. Surely I will not say this is one of my best trip, even though it might be, but what […]

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Unlocking of Mystical and Secretive Magical Item4 - Brother Rahman

The Unlocking of Mystical and Secretive Magical Items

THE UNLOCKING OF MYSTICAL AND SECRETIVE MAGICAL ITEMS. For some time now I have been unlocking certain magical items for a few of my clients, but lately I have been getting many more emails on want me to unlock items they have purchased from so and so. I have seen many of these items on […]

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The Art of Making Talisman Taweez BROTHER RAHMAN


The art of making an effective Talisman Type of Talisman, Method & Guideline.   I often get asked about the type of Talismans I make; specially since my website states I use no number and use ONLY the Holy Quran. I often get asked about the different methods used to make Talismans and Taweez, while […]

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Becoming an Amil of Surah Brother Rahman

The power of real Quranic Taweez/Talisman

  What Is a Quranic Talisman/Taweez? A real Quranic talismans consist of one thing, and that is the Holy Quran, such a Talisman is made specifically of the Surahs (prayers) and or Ayas (verses) of the Holy Quran. I have seen many practitioners make a version of a “Quranic talisman” that I’m very against. What […]

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Real Talisman Making Brother Rahman.jpg

TALISMAN/TAWEEZ : Handwritten vs Printed

Method of making my talisman   Amil of various Surahs and Ayas of the Holy Quran   Ruhani/Noorani ilm : Power of the Talisman   Rest assured that my Talisman/Taweez is fully based on Quran. I do not use Naqash (magical squares), I do not use odd names such as names of jinns, nor do […]

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Love Magic - World most autehtic and powerful Talisman - Brother Rahman

Most Powerful love Spell and Love Magic

Today I will speak about a subject that I get asked about at least 50 times a month. It is the single most asked about the situation people have which they wish to get “spiritual services” to resolve the issues they have related to that situation. What is that situation? “LOVE”. Ever since I have […]

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Ruhani Noorani ilm Spiritual Knowledge cannot be used for Non Marital Relationship Brother Rahman

Ruhani/Noorani ilm (Spiritual Knowledge) cannot be used for Non-Marital Relationships

Ruhani/Noorani ilm (Spiritual Knowledge) cannot be used for Non-Marital Relationships: My standpoint/perspective: Why I cannot help  Non-marital Relationships : Sorry, I cannot help   Can Ruhani/Noorani ilm be used to help relationship that is non-marital such as boyfriend/girlfriend relationship? The short answer is no.  The reason behind this is answer is not “A hard one” […]

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Terms and Conditions of Item and Service Brother Rahman

When Spiritual Treatment Service or Item doesn’t work

I’m certain many individuals have purchased a metaphysical item/s or had a metaphysical service done that yielded no results, yes this is bound to happen if the item purchased was not authentic or the spell/service you had requested was never done or the one doing it was not a real magician, but today’s focus will […]

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Person’s Energy and Aura

Many individuals are victims of  Black Magic, Psychic attacks, spells, curses, hexes and so much more. Even if the problem has been resolved, many times the individual will still feel that from the outside things look and feel better, but inside they still hurt, are left confused and sadden & feeling they are imprisoned in […]

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Spiritual Magical Energy Sensitivity Fact and Reality Brother Rahman

Spiritual/Magical Energy: Sensitivity Fact and Reality

  Feeling the Energy of Magical Items Today I will speak about a subject that I personally feel is important to individuals who collect various magical objects as well as crystals. Energy given off by magical items, crystals and stones is often the first thing some individuals notice when they hold such object but at […]

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Victims of Jinn Demonic Possession - Brother Rahman

The difference between Blackmagic & Djinn attack

Are you a victim of djinn/jinn attacks or black magic? This is no easy task to decipher. Many times mages use their own djinn as a part of the magic cased to make a spells stronger. However, we can sum up the experience as follows: POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS OF POSSESSION ■  Insomnia, not tired, even […]

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The Difference between Islamic Magic & Other Magic - Brother Rahman

The Difference between “Islamic Magic” and “Other Magic”

Throughout the years, I have been asked many times, “what is the difference between Islamic Magic and other world magic”. So today I will give a small idea of the differences. Many practitioner of Islamic magic do not even call it magic, for the simple reason when magic is spoken about in the Holy Quran, […]

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One of the most dangerous black magic in the world Leyak the Magic of Bali Brother Rahman

One of the most dangerous black magic in the world: Leyak the Magic of Bali

The world consists of various types of black magic; Lyeak is not the only deadly one; in fact all black magic can be deadly.   Leyak (pronounced Lay-Ak) is one of the most powerful magic practiced throughout Bali, Indonesia. Some have stated that it is one of the most powerful black magic in the world […]

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Type-of-Curse-Jinx/Hex/Execration) its Source Cure - Brother Rahman

Type of Curse (Jinx/Hex/Execration), its Source & Cure

I’ll give my opinion on curse; what it is, what it does and possible cures. First, there are different types of curse. Curse can range from: * Destruction of life goals, such as job, business, love, relationship, wealth, prosperity etc. * Curses can affect health (physical, mental & spiritual). * Curses can affect home, families […]

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Reversal Thumb

Reversal of Magic

While reading the Holy Quran has wonderful effect, just reading it here and there will not cure the magic quick enough. Fixing magic issue is a time consuming process and if one chooses to do it themselves, then they should be prepared to pray, do wazifas for hours at a time. Praying 5x a day […]

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Religion & belief - Brother Rahman

Religion Black Magic & Djinn

Religion, Black Magic & Djinn/Jinn I derive my work and power from the religion of Islam. My religion is my belief. It is what I live day to day by and I don’t expect anyone else to follow or obey it. It doesn’t matter which faith/religion you choose, I can still help you. Many people […]

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