Certified Spiritual Practitioner Training – Demystifying Spiritual Practitioner Part1

Certified Spiritual Practitioner Training Demystifying Spiritual Practitioner Part1 Brother Rahman

Demystifying Spiritual Practitioner Part1


“Shaman”, “Dukun”, “Orang Pintar”, “Amil”, “Sheikh”, “Spiritual Doctor”, “Spiritual Healer”, “Witch doctor”, etc. are all names that have been given to Spiritual Practitioners depending on what region of the world you’re in.

Spiritual Practitioners have been a part of our communities for hundreds and thousands of years, as the world grows I think so does the need for REAL Spiritual Practitioners.

What does a Spiritual Practitioner do?

Well, the job of a spiritual practitioner is fairly easy to define. A spiritual practitioner’s method of healing varies but in the end, the concept is the same:

  1. To help people who have spiritual issues such as black magic, demonic possession, evil eye, negative energy, negative entity, etc.
  2. Being able to assist people in luck, assisting individuals to spiritual enlightenment, development and multiple other areas of life related problems.

Now I am not against in spiritual healing for actual medical problems because I myself have done this. What I am against is lying to the victim and blaming their actual medical problem on Black Magic, Demonic entities, Psychic attacks, etc. When this is occurred, victim stops getting the needed medical treatment and only gets spiritual treatment and while spiritual treatment may indeed be beneficial for some medically related issue, they are not to be substituted over real medical care. I cannot even begin to count the amount of emails I have received where an individual with an actual medical condition (for instance schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Mental/Psychiatric Disorders, etc.) was told they had NO medical illness but just black magic which was a complete lie. How can someone lie to another person and jeopardize their health and life in order to make a quick buck?

Unfortunately, some have put more faith in spiritual practitioners than doctors for actual medical conditions which I strongly disagree on. This is mostly due to the fact that some ignorant spiritual practitioners have blamed even legitimate medical problems for spiritual issues just to make money, in the end the victim is left unhealed or in worse case dead.

What is the difference between a Spiritual Practitioner and a Medical Doctor?

Spiritual Practitioner assist individual in a spiritual manner, which could consist of getting help from spiritual beings (Inshallah), spiritual healing from the power of Holy Scriptures such as the Holy Quran, some other method consist of using your personal energy such as Reiki.

Medical Doctor use the latest development of science and scientific research to heal and treat various mental and physical illness. Once Again I do not believe one should substitute Medical Treatment with Spiritual treatment, why not use them together?

I believe Spiritual healing will always be a part of humanity as long as there is faith in Allah/God. I do believe spiritual healing will continue to grow and all other aspects of spiritual healing such as Reiki and other types of energy/spiritual healing.  Unfortunately, as the need for spiritual healing grows, so do scam artist. I charge for my services and I see absolutely no wrong in this but I also have an actual desire to help people but when a person claims to be a spiritual healer and has no or the most slightest amount of training and they claim to be a “powerful healer” it really upsets me. I have spent half of my life learning and practicing various methods of spiritual healing so when I see a person who sets up shop and has no healing experience, it irritates me. I have also noticed now there is a “Certified Spiritual Healer”/ “Certified Spiritual Tanning” program now being offered; so you take a 10-12 month online course and suddenly you can charge large amount of money to help people with their spiritual issue; this I just don’t understand. I spent just 7+ years on learning how to protect myself various type of negative energies so I don’t see nor do I have much belief in an online “Certified Spiritual practitioner”.

Spiritual healing is just another form of healing, it is not a method to steal people’s hard earned money. Spiritual healer that is real is not a dime a dozen. They don’t walk around with certificate and claim to be a spiritual healer with a few months or a few short years of training. If you want to be a Spiritual Healer then Alhamdulillah work hard to become one. Don’t look for shortcuts because when it comes to helping others (If Allah wills), when it comes to dealing with people’s emotions, pain and suffering. "Shortcuts" don’t provide healing.


Allah knows best.

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