Disclosure: Who has done black magic on me?

Disclosure: Who has done black magic on me?

Why Healer/Spiritual Practitioner does not disclose the name of the Individual/s who have done black magic on you

Disclose of who has done Blackmagic on me Brother Rahman

Black Magic is not only evil but life altering. It can make a person’s once happy and calm life a complete living hell simply because someone had a vendetta against you, were jealous of you, or simply wanted to hurt you, cowards these people are and the punishment that awaits them only if they knew.

It is common for us wanting to know who has brought harm to us and our families, why should we not be made aware of the individual/s who have caused us so much grief; do we not have the ultimate right to know who has sought our destruction?  Yes we do have the right to know who has caused us such pain and agony but having the right to know something does not necessarily mean spiritual practitioners and healers are obligated to tell us what we wish to know.

I have been asked “Please tell us the names of the people/s who has done black magic on us” by clients who have sought spiritual treatment from us as well as by clients who have got black magic reading done on themselves and at times their families to find out they indeed are victims of black magic, Austugfirullah. Clients have at times got upset with me because I did not give them such information but what these people don’t realize is that 95% of the time the healer does not know who did black magic. And the other times when they are disclosed any information about the one doing black magic, it is very limited and not meant to be told. When a spiritual practitioner uses Khodam/Muwakil and Jinn to remove black magic, these entities don’t spend their time searching for who did the black magic as this is the least of their concern. Their focus is to put an end to the black magic if Allah Subhana Wa’tala wills.

Spiritual Practitioners also have rules to follow. People need to understand that paying us for performing a service does not make us their personal secretary where we must do all they ask. When a spiritual practitioner is given any information on who did the black magic, it is to a point that knowing what they know would make no difference because the information they receive is so minute, rarely are we told who exactly did the black magic. And when we are told who it is, it is usually because the person doing the black magic is also living with the person who is the victim of the black magic. Such information is only told to us so we can spend more time on the one doing the black magic by doing additional work on them since they are living with the person they are doing the spell work on. Such information is not meant to be told. And if it is, the spiritual practitioner can be punished in various ways such as by doing months of fasting, months of reading, also the work that practitioner is doing can become completely voided and the money spent by the victim would be a complete loss. Another major punishment for the practitioner if they disclose such information is potentially loosing assistance of their spiritual helper. I am sorry I am not going to lose something I worked half a life time for simply for you to know something that will give you no benefits. Even if the victim was to move away from the one doing the black magic, the magician can re do the magic simply by having that person photo and or some of their belonging. At time knowing the name of the person and having a photo of them is enough to perform some types of black magic.

I understand it is difficult not being able to confront whoever has brought so much grief to you and your family, but at times this is the best. Our job as Spiritual Healer is to try to resolve the spiritual problem, Inshallah, not cause arguments, fights and potently bring distress to ourselves simply for disclosing useless information.

Allah knows best.

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