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Entities can help with some areas of life but it is limited area. Each entity has its own areas of expertise. So to say but if one assume an entity can help them solve “all their issues”, they are very wrong. Also if one starts seeking help from entities and not from Allah, this is a sin in itself. Yes entities can help with luck, they can help you “aura” so you are more noticed but such things even with entities come with time. If one wishes to pursue an entity to help with areas of life, it is best they discuss with the conjurer what areas they need help in. And if the conjurer is honest, they will tell you if what you seek is “doable” or not, Inshallah.

I am sorry, Jinn can't make anyone rich. And it is in Allah's hand & mostly depends on person's hard work and dedication.While Jinn can assist in luck; it is not luck where you will become rich over night. Lastly if Allah does not will for something to happen, it can't. People assume having a jinn will do so much for them and Jinn do have benefits; indeed, but people need to learn about these benefits. Please read. Purpose of Djinn/Jinn : What a Jinn can do for me ? Djinn/Jinn/Jinni – Reality, Wish-granting & Purpose Djinn Jinn Spirit Demon: Money Wealth Fortune Fame and Power

Practically, no. In term of their ability, they can but they don't help human in daily life issue because it is not their job/responsibility, while entities can in fact help you in certain areas of life. It is best you learn about what entities “can do and cannot do”. It is best you learn how to work with entities and what is each entities limit before one thinks about getting one. Many people have this misconception that an entity can help in every area of life and this is very far from the truth.

Different race, different creation, so answer is no. Human is made for human, not spiritual entity. An entity can provide I suppose “a type of a mental relief” that you have a companion but due to the fact they are unseen and cannot provide you the same companionship as a human can. I think anyone who seeks an entity strictly for friendship will be disappointed.

The Djinn/Jinn/Muwakil/Entity/Spirit I conjure can take up to 90 days which also means 90 days of fasting. And due to my age, this is getting difficult.

Can I buy a Jinn from you?


The chances are low. The amount of work needed to prepare a jinn for individuals is a lot of work. And at my age, it is getting harder and harder to do. If i do choose to allow one to purchase an entity from me, it will usually be an old customer or an old student of mine.

We wrote several articles about this which you should read. But no, Jinn cannot make anyone rich. If that was the case, people who have jinn would not be working for fee and such individuals would be some of the most powerful and richest people in the world. While Jinn can assist one in various ways, simply having one does not mean you will become rich. Allah knows best.


Yes. Ring can be stretched or resized but the client in most cases needs to do it themselves if it is required. We do not provide this service.

Why does one person get sick while another stays healthy? Why does one person seem to find wealth and prosperity everywhere, while another never succeeds at anything? Many believe that the answer is luck. We all know what luck is and luck can be described in 1000 ways, and each way it ends up being the same. Luck comes from Allah and we can get lucky doing worship to Allah and also by luck enhancing items, inshallah.

There are various names of Allah, Ayats from the Holy Quran, Surah as well as other area in Ruhani and noorani ilm (knowledge) that are used to assist individual in various area of life such as luck, protection, health, etc. So when preparing items, energies of those verses & reading as well as other secretive methods are used to prepare items to offer the needed. At time, Muslim entities can be employed for advice and assistance. Some items need to be unlocked and prepared. It benefits much if Allah wills. If a person seeks luck, then luck objects are prepared to enhance the “luck energy” around them or bring “more luck energy”. If person seeks protection, then item is prepared with correct “Duas/Ayat and Names of Allah that are good for luck.

Almost everything in life has rules and when it comes to magic & magical items, if the rules are not followed; you will be lucky if no stress comes to you but unfortunately the item & services you paid for will not be nearly as beneficial or may be completely useless. Please visit Do's and Don'ts.


This depends on everyone, just like an illness once it is gone your body still may need time to fully recover.

Most likely not. That is only one of the reason why blackmagic is so forbidden. It cause serious damage to ones life and the chances of you getting back all you lost due to magic is low but after the magic is removed its like having a new beginning, yes in some cases you can regain what you lost but i can not give such a guarantee.

There are thousands types of blackmagic. When we remove black magic, the person doing the magic on you can no longer repeat it, but this does not mean an entirely different magician can not harm you. During treatment we place hisar (protective circle) around the individual/s and their home. Along with the talisman they are given, it will be much harder for them to have magic casted on them again, Inshallah.

The short answer is no. There are thousands types of black magic and hundreds of ways to do them. One cannot be protected from each and every one of them. Prayers, Talisman and such things can certainly do things to enhance ones protection. Various items one can purchase which makes it harder for the magician to cast black magic spells on them, Inshallah.


Neither “where I am from” is so important nor my location would benefit you. My work is online based.

Sorry, due to some reasons, I do not communicate with my client/customer over phone. Please use contact. Please be respectful of me and my personal life. My work (service/support/course) is online based.

No, some items and ritual require me to be near a body of water, or to be in high elevations such as mountains or in desolate places far from human life. So often I travel for ritual and to prepare items.

We works as a team. Yes my student helps me indeed and has been helping me for the last few years, Alhamdulillah. But my students don't communicate directly with my clients. To avoid scams, please contact me directly from my site contact.

No. We are not affiliated with any other websites. To avoid scams, and if you need assistance, please contact me from my contact page directly.

I am limited to what I can do. At time one listing takes up to 2.5 hours to do and when people steal our hard work; it is very hurtful.

Typically I try my best to response as early as possible but within 24 hours I usually reply unless it is absurd, abusive or unethical.


We provide a wide range of products and services for spiritual related matters. Full details of our help & support are available in shop. We let our clients speak for us. It's easy for us to tell you how wonderful we are and wax lyrical about our expertise, levels of service, the fantastic results we achieve for our clients... well, we would, wouldn't we? Alhamdulillah, and of course, because we have 35+ years of experience in the world of Spirituality, Paranormal & Occult, we think it's better if we let our clients do the talking. Again, all thanks belongs to Allah.

Alhamdulillah, well, we first express our gratitude towards Allah that we have been providing clients “One stop Spiritual Service Solution & Teaching” for several years. Individuals come to us for diverse range of spiritual issues/problems, mild to severe and sometimes urgent which needs immediate action. Our services range from dangerous dark/blackmagic/curse/hex removal, dark entity djinn/jinn demon spirit protection/removal, spiritual healing, to increase wealth, health, happiness and good luck in life. We are specialized in spiritual training, hence we offer diverse range of spiritual course and teaching.

I don't provide any assurance or guaranty. But Alhamdulillah, as my items works with energy, we have 99.99% success record (if Allah wills). In the paranormal field, guarantees are very difficult. You’re dealing with the unseen and at times you can’t even predict the result of your own personal work let alone guarantee 100% to any client.

Love magic is one of the most hardest magic to do because trying to changes a person feeling is very difficult and often temporary. Love magic has the most least amount of success. I have strict rules regarding love/marital relationship. Services I provide for Love/Relationship is limited. And while I do provide such service, it is only under very specific conditions. Please read this article.

No I don’t. I can’t promise anything and I have stated this on my website numerous time. Also, once some items especially the talismans are put under people’s name I can’t remove them and give them to someone else. And with the other items I sell, the amount of money I would need to spend and dedicate time to re-do the ritual to take the item off the clients name is far too high and I would be at a full loss.

If I had $1 for every time I read this, I would be close to a millionaire. Often during a break, one may assume someone has done something to break up their relationship, but 95% of the time it is untrue. If you seek assurance, you may purchase a reading.


Spiritual courses range from increase in spirituality, power, protection, healing, blockage removal, the list goes on. Please visit our shop page for complete course offer.

My job consists of preparing the lesson that works best for each individual and then keep spiritual tabs on that individual while doing my part which can consist of reading and fasting so the student has more success in the course if Allah wills.

It depends on the course. Individual can take course to learn various methods of spiritual protection as well as healing. Some courses are more in depth and teach both protection & healing and how one can increase their spirituality. Please visit our store for complete offering. Full details can be found in shop.

God has blessed us all with some spiritual ability but since most of us have to work hard to realize these blessing, many people assume that they have no spiritual blessings. Our Course/Training is designed to unlock those spiritual blessing, to develop spiritual sense, spiritual talent and to utilize those spiritual ability.

It depends on the course you take. If you take a protection course, then obvious outcome is to learn to protect yourself and others.

I would first focus on what is your goal for such training. Do you wish to be a healer, a conjurer or do you simply want to do it for the sake of Allah. From there, various course ideas can be designed and offered.

Please contact us so that we can do the proper analysis and can see what works best for you.

Ruhani/Noorani ilm (pure white spiritual knowledge), various Indonesian occult knowledge ranging from Ilmu Hikma, Ilmu Kebal, right down to Ilmu Khodam and Ilmu Molekat (I spent a good amount of time in Indonesia/Asia). I have also had training for Qareen/Hamzad conjuring. I have learned various methods of protection and how to destroy black magic from practitioners who taught Ilmu Hitam, Ilmu Pellet, various type of santet, as well as Lyeak practitioners. I have learned various types of Middle Eastern magic and have also learned about some types of Jewish magic (which I do not use) since they are so closely related to Middle Eastern magic. In Morocco/Africa, I learned some older magic that deals with various types of older Magical symbols which I no longer use. I also learned other methods of Ruhani Ilm from those countries. I had trained under one teacher who practiced Palo Mayombe who taught me how to destroy the magic. He spent a large amount of his life learning. Another teacher had referred me to him and while this individual only taught Palo Mayombe which I would never practice, he did teach me various methods on how to fight it. I trained with various practitioners from Iraq and Syria who taught me various older knowledge that until today I have not seen practiced. These are the same teacher who also trained me on how to make, prepare and unlock various amulets. If I keep thinking, the list will go on which I think is not necessary.

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