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Free Advice Brother Rahman

i) Do not ask me about other sellers & their products/items/Spell.

ii) Do not ask me exactly what I use, what I read & the time & date to make my items. These clearly show that you are trying to copy what I do, which you never could and just mimicking my item. You may ask general question but when you start asking specific and want to know information that does no benefit to you; it shows me that you are not a buyer but someone else who is trying to copy what I do. If so, then stop. My abilities are not magic, not Djinn/Jinn, even though at times I might use a Jinn, Khodam/Muwakil, etc for assistant; they are NOT the root of my abilities. My Abilities/Gifts are from Allah (GOD). Don't waste your time trying to be like me.

iii) Do not ask me to give you rituals (Amals) and conjurations. You might think you are ready but you are not.

iv) WE DO NOT WORK FOR FREE. If you want me to solve your problem for free, please read “A MESSAGE FROM BROTHER RAHMAN".

v) I am willing to work with you on price. I want to help whomever I can but at the same time I cannot make a $300 item for $50 or even $100. After I take out Sadka (charity) (I do this on the buyers behalf for everything you purchase, it is a MUST for my items) for you, from the amount you have given me and take out the cost of materials; I am not left with much. Yet I will still work with you but please don’t insult me or try to put me in a financial situation.

vi) I can make a specific item. If you don’t see something that you feel which can assist you in your needs (As long I have enough time), please ask. Normally I will not make High-end item & High-power item just for anyone. SORRY, your money is not that important to me. So please do not send me a message telling me you will pay "x" amount of money if i would conjure you a Djinn [please read all Jinn related post for clarification specially FAQ (1) & FAQ (2)  FAQ3]  or make you an item that will make females desire you or anything else that is "offensive", "abusive" and/or "a sin".

I will simply not answer.


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