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I get this question asked much:

Brother Rahman, do you 100% guarantee me results ?”

Brother Rahman GuaranteeWhile such question makes me feel very irritated, I do understand the reason behind such question. We are tired of our issues, going from one place to another, one healer to another and yet seeing no results. But at the same time, we must remember "the laws of the world", "the laws of GOD" and that only GOD can guarantee 100% results.

There are many healers out there, many so called Spiritual Healer, Psychic, Paranormal & Metaphysical expert, Peers & Amil that will say what you wish to hear, will promise you the world, will promise you great results, tell you stories beyond your comprehension, then take your money and run. I am not this type of person. So do not expect me to be. If stories and lies are what you want; go and find thousand of other healers & experts who will tell you everything you wish to hear.

I will not lie, I will only speak the truth. I will not give false hope, because it is forbidden (HARAM) to break the heart of others, to give them false hope and to let them down. I will not do this ! I speak the truth, I tell the client/customer "what is possible" and "what is not". If it can’t be done, IT WON'T BE DONE. But to me, it seems like people don’t wish to hear this. Mankind will rather lose money due to "lies and false hope" and then to be told the truth.

"Djinn, Magic & Talismans", people have put these things on some kind of golden Pedestal. They have thoughts in their mind that these things are "the keys to all the problems", all the issues in their lives. I’m sorry to tell you, they are NOT. Please wake up, please come back to reality. If such things could promise a worry free life, a solution to all of your problems, then people like me would be problem free. People would face no difficulties and everything would be great, but indeed this is not so. All of these things can be used as "nothing more than a mere assistance" to our problems, not the solution. Prophet Sulaiman/Solomon (pbuh) who used to control every race of jinn, control the winds, had problems, lost his kingdom for a moment ! If Djinns could fix all of this, then why would this "mighty prophet of God" suffer ? This is what the lord had wanted and while we might not understand why our lord does specific things, we need to understand; we cannot change what our Lord has written!

Brother Rahman Product & Service Success100% results no one can promise but God, because if anyone can say “100% your problem will be solved” then this person has put themselves next to God, because it is said in every religious scripture that only God knows the future in details and only God can promise 100% results, not mankind.  All we can do is try to resolve your problem which majority of the time we have good success. Problems that have to do with magic & Jinn, can be resolved with 99% success, and this is because the work was done by another person, to other person and while God did allow the work to unfold, God is not the one who did the foul work. So cures for such cases are ALMOST certain, but love, money, power & fame is not promised by mankind and it cannot be! If you are not meant to be rich, you will not be, unless the lord changes what he has wrote. So please my brothers and sister, come to reality, come to your senses and realize these tools assist us in life. Tools alone don’t get the job done.



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