Is there a permanent Cure for Black Magic ?

Permanent cure of blackmagic the effects of black magic Brother RahmanOften victim of black magic and similar spiritual problems seek a permanent cure, often I get asked if I provide a permanent cure for black magic.

Going back to the original question, is there a permanent cure for black magic? Unfortunately the answer is NO.  Black magic is similar to the flu, or the common cold, while we can take many preventative measures, no health practitioner can 100% guarantee we will never get the flu or even the common cold.

Black magic can affect anyone; it even affected our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). So we should not be so naive and think we can forever be protected from black magic. I always tell the victim of such spiritual problem that we first need to rid of the problem before we can take the proper preventative measures to keep it from coming back, which as stated earlier is not “a 100% guarantee”.

Many things can be done to keep ourselves protected from such spiritual problems. Prayer, wazifa, amaliyat (rituals) are “all powerful and effective” to keep black magic at bay. When a person is afflicted by black magic the magician who has caused the grief can be prevented from causing that person further grief, but the victim cannot be protected from everyone practicing black magic. Yes with the proper knowledge much can be done to make it harder to do black magic on a specific individual and even lessen the effect of black magic on us, but nothing can be done to keep a person protected from every magician, and every type of magic unless if Allah wills.

Prayers, reading the Quran, doing dzikir all help our aura and increase our natural spiritual protection. Salah itself keeps our soul clean & our aura bright and when these two areas alone are in good standing falling prey to black magic is harder. And when one follows this with Dzikir, reading Quran, doing wazifas being a good person it only gets harder for a magician to afflict that person with black magic. I knew of a magician who practiced “black-magic” (I would not say he was a friend but someone who I knew of, and he knew of me so when we would see each other we would exchange “Salams”). He would take pride in hurting others. One day he decided to tell me how powerful prayer is (as if I didn’t know), and how shocked he was to what he had experienced some days ago. He stated: “A client approached me and wanted me to do black magic on his family member so he falls ill, I took all the information and told the client with 5 days he would start getting ill. A week later the client tells me this man/his family member is healthy as ever, I told the client not to worry ill increase the power of my work so I decide to use one of my Jinn/Djinn to assist me. About 10 days go by and the client comes back to me and says the family is still healthy as ever, surely I was shocked to hear this. So I thought for a bit and told the client if he really wanted him to fall ill I would need his help and the client agreed. I told the client for the next 5 days follow him from the time he leaves his home to the time he comes back home, so I can see what healer or Amil he visits because for some this is a usual daily practice, the client obliged. On the sixth day the client comes to me and I ask him if he found out what healer, amil, sheikh, etc his family member goes to. The client said he goes to none so I asked the client does he do any late night rituals of and the client said as to his knowledge he did no such things, so I asked the client what did he observe in the past 5 days? The client stated that when the man would leave his home and would do “fajr Salah” at the mosque, once the prayer was done the man would still sit there and do some reading and was usually be the last one to leave, then he would go to work and come back home, and this was all he did. So I asked the client to go to his family member and simply ask him what he suggest you should read after “Fajr Salah” and other “Salah” and if there is anything in particular he reads, because maybe he is reading some magical mantra I told the client, the client agreed and the next day went to his family member and asked. Some days later the client returned back to me and I asked him if he figured out what his family member read and the client told me, “my family member told him that what he reads after Fajr Salah is “Ayat Al Kursi” 11x, and the 4 Quls (4 Last four chapters starting with Qul) 11x (It could be 21x but I am forgetting), and he does the same before going to sleep. Upon hearing this I told my client I am sorry but I cannot touch this man and there is nothing I can do for you as this man is heavily protected by Allah.”    I smiled when I heard this and asked the magician even after knowing this why does he not stop what he is doing because you have already observed the power of Allah, the magician looked back at me and said, “Yes I have no doubt in the power of Allah, but not every reads such things and most of them do have not real faith in Allah and don’t do the reading from their heart”.

As we can clearly see the Quran, Salah, such worships are powerful but we need to do them with our heart. Many time when a person is afflicted by black magic or Jinn they will do much worship, do many wazifas, continues dzikir daily, but as they are doing it they are wondering when the “blackmagic” will go away. They are having some doubts that maybe all of this worship might not work, the only thing on their mind is negativity which affects ones prayers immensely. I do understand when we humans are in distress; it is hard not to think of our problem, but we as humans also need to have faith in our creator.

Allah has created good and Allah created evil as a test for us. Allah has clearly stated in the Quran “the effects of black magic” specially in “Surah Baqarah” Ayat # 102 and the issues it can cause us. Allah has also given us tools to fight black magic, but we should not think if we are good pious Muslim we are immune to black magic and other spiritual problems. I know many pious people who have been afflicted by black magic repeatedly. Removing black magic does not make one immune to black magic, just like taking care of our health does not promise us “an illness free life”. Allah has provided us with the proper tools to protect ourselves, we need to take it upon ourselves to put these tools to use, better our selves so the next time someone tries to cause us spiritual harm they fail, or the power of their work is reduced due to our own spiritual protection.

While we can never be 100% protected from black magic, but with our effort and faith in our creator we can come pretty close to full protection. INSHALLAH.


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