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N.B. Auspicious Days for Spiritual Practice: 2018

(For Rituals, extensive spiritual work and the day when spirits are most active and powerful)

Specific Spiritual day’s date:

In some parts of Asia, specially in Indonesia they have specific spiritual days that they conduct big rituals; oil their magical objects, do extensive spiritual work, etc. They say on these days spirits are most active and powerful. Most of these days are on “Fridays” and these are the best of those days, but some month these special days fall in different days, “Thursday”, and these are second best.

This is all for the year of 2018.

January 5

February 9

March 16

April 20

May 25

June 29

July 19

August 3

September 7

October 12

November 16

December 21



Free Rituals/Amals for client


I have given full permission for anyone who wants to do these Amals (Ritual)s.

5x Salat  a day is a must for optimal results.


Free Ritual - Inner aura and energy cleanse (simple and effective aura cleansing) - Brother RahmanRitual/Amal : Inner aura and energy cleanse (simple and effective aura cleansing)

11x   “Allahumma Salli Ala Muhammadin Wa Ala Muhammad"

786x   “Bismillah hir Rahman nir Raheem” (Transliteration: bismillahi-r rahmani-r rahim) (common translation: "In the name of Allah the most merciful , the most beneficent").

11x   “Allahumma Salli Ala Muhammadin Wa Ala Muhammad"

Do it before bed, have a glass of water near you, blow in it 3x after finishing the reading and drink the water while sitting down.


Free Ritual - Amal for Increase in spirituality - Discover your Spiritual Self - Brother RahmanRitual/Amal : Increase in spirituality

11x   Allahumma Salli Ala Muhammadin Wa Ala Muhammad"

11x   Surrah Muzammil"

11x   Allahumma Salli Ala Muhammadin Wa Ala Muhammad"


Free Ritual - Help with personal life problems - Brother RahmanRitual/Amal : Help with personal life problems

11x   "Allahumma Salli Ala Muhammadin Wa Ala Muhammad"

21x   "Surrah Al Fatiah"

11x   "Allahumma Salli Ala Muhammadin Wa Ala Muhammad"

Do this after every salah.

More Ritual /Amal (Continued)..


Ritual Amal - Very powerful meditation for Spirituality - Brother RahmanRitual/Amal : Meditation for Spirituality/Ruhaniyat

This is a very powerful meditation and it should not be done by beginner. It should be done after ISHA prayer.

Do this for 3 min the first time. And every day increase it by “2 min” until you have reached 10 min and then keep it consistent.

Sit facing Kabah, legs crossed and dim lights with Agarwood / Oudh Bakhoor (Bukhoor) burning.

Close your eye & keep your mouth closed and the tongue. Let it be resting against the roof of your mouth. Inhale through your nose, once you can’t inhale anymore say "Allah" in your heart not in your mouth, and then hold it for 3 seconds. Then Exhale through your nose, and at the end say "Hu". Do this entire process slowly with ease. Focus towards the middle of your forehead when your eyes closed and do not repeat the wording with your mouth, but in your heart.


Ritual Amal - Very Powerful Protective Circle - Effective Spiritual Protection - Brother RahmanRitual/Amal : Making a Hisar (Protective Circle)

A great method of making a powerful Hisar.

Ayat al Kursi 11x

Surrah Nas 5x

Surrah Ikhlas 5x

Surrah Falaq 5x

Surrah Kafiroon 5x

Blow on the index finger of your right hand 3x and make a circle around you. Big enough where you can move comfortably even stretch if needed.


Ritual Amal - Hisar to protect home - Home Protection - Brother RahmanRitual/Amal : Hisar to protect Home

Ayat al Kursi 11x

Surrah Nas 11x

Surrah Ikhlas 11x

Surrah Falaq 11x

Surrah Kafiroon 11x

Now “Blow” on your right hand index finger 3x. Close your eyes and imagine that you are in the sky looking down at your home, with your finger make a circle around your entire four corners of your home. If you wish to have additional protection in any room, after making the circle around your home, picture the room you want additional protection for, and make a circle around the four corners of that room.


More Ritual /Amal (Continued)..

November 16th, 2014.


Ritual/Amal : Purify and Activate Your Third Eye: Third eye stimulation (stimulation of the pineal gland)

These are a good method to stimulate the third eye:


Ritual Amal-Stimulate your third eye method1 Brother RahmanGet a white poster board, on it write “Allah” in Arabic with black ink.  Now put the white poster board against a white wall with nothing on the sides; so that your eyes can see (peripheral vision). You will now sit and stare at the world Allah (written in Arabic) and imagine rays of light are coming out of it, being absorbed by the space in-between your eyebrows. You will inhale through your nose, once you cannot inhale anymore you will hold it for 3 seconds, and then slowly exhale through your mouth. Each session should be between 5-10 min. It can be done at anytime, but the best time to do it is as soon as you wake up, like when waking up for Fajr Salah, before or after, and if one can, they should go right back to sleep. One can even wake up in the middle of the night to do this exercise, and then go back to sleep.



Ritual Amal-Stimulate your third eye method2 Brother RahmanYou will either write, the word “Allah” in Arabic in simple Arabic, nothing fancy, and or you can print a copy from the web. You will sit and place it directly across from you; it should be at the same height as your head when sitting down. Now you need to remember the writing, and then close your eyes and imagine the word Allah in Arabic, written across your forehead. The purpose of the photo/written copy is so you can simply open your eyes back and forth “IF NEEDED” to keep the image of the wording fresh in your mind, so when your eyes are closed you can remember it with ease.


Ritual/Amal : To increase wealth:

Ritual Amal-Simple yet effective method to increase ones personal wealth Brother RahmanThis is a simple yet effective method to increase ones personal wealth.  One should do it at the same place and use the same prayer mat. One should do this method for 41 days, and after 41 days recite the given verse minimum 101x daily at anytime.

The verse is as followed: La illaha illallahu malikul haqqul mubeen

After figuring out the place one wishes to do this reading one should recite the following verse between 100-500x daily, each day can be a different number, but do not miss any days. I personally feel doing it 500x a day is very effective; Alhamdulillah.


Ritual Amal-Increasing Ruhaniyat and personal Aura cleanse Brother RahmanRitual/Amal : Increasing Ruhaniyat And personal Aura cleanse.

After each Salah (if possible) you will sit with legs crossed (Indian style) close your eyes and inhale through your nose, and when you can no inhale anymore hold your breath for a second or two and slowly in your mouth whisper “Allah”, then slowly exhale out through your mouth, and when you cannot exhale anymore say “Hu” (who). One should keep this at a minimum, 25 total of “Allah-Hu” after every Salah is sufficient Inshallah, but I insist one starts off with a small number such as 5, and works their way up to 25.


More Ritual /Amal (Continued)..

March 7, 2015.


Free Ritual for Success and Financial worries Brother RahmanRitual/Amal: For Success and Financial worries

Length: 31 days.

Time: Any time after Isha but you must continue to do it at that time the entire duration of the Amal.

Day: The first Thursday of the Islamic Month.


Durood Ibrahim 11x

Surrah Al-Waqia (56) 3x or 9x or 11x. Preferably 11x (Whatever amount you pick, that is the same amount of time you need to do every day when doing the Amal. You can't change it).

Durood Ibrahim 11x

When doing this Amal you must do it at the same place, and same time. The prayer mat/Ya-Namaz you use must be the same one. Have all white loose clothing that you will wear only when doing this Amal. When you are done with the Amal just take your outfit off and put it in a high clean area. You will not wash it until the Amal is finished. 

Everyday before doing the Amal, make sure to apply Musk non Alcoholic attar.

1 hour before doing the Amal, do not eat Any Kind of Meat, Do not eat any Kind of Animal Products such as milk, eggs, yogurt, do not eat any garlic or onions. Any other spice or herb is okay.

Prior to starting the Amal do 2 Raaqat Neful Hajat for Allah. At the end make dua for your financial worries. This is to be only done ONE time; on the day you will be starting the Amal.

If possible take out any amount of sadka you can DAILY for the entire duration of the Amal. If you can only afford a Dollar a day; it is fine just do it daily. If you can only afford .25 cents, it is okay just do it daily. Put it in an envelope and the day you finish your Amal the following day donate it to the poor, or any charity of your choice.


More Ritual /Amal (Continued)..

September 21, 2015.


Ritual for blockage in finance business luck love By Brother RahmanRitual/Amal : for blockage in finance, business, luck, love, etc :

This Amal (Ritual) is to stop blockage in our life. We may try real hard to get something done but no matter how hard we try something stops us from being successful. Business, finance, love, spirituality, anything; Inshallah this Amaliyat will help.

Durood Ibrahim 11x

Ya Fattahu 903x

Durood Ibrahim 3x

This can be done anytime. It should be done for 41 days or until your situation is resolved. If you miss a day you must start over from the beginning. Be in wudu, and the best time to do this amal is after any salah. Preferably Fajr or Maghrib. Before doing the Amal in your heart, state the intention as to why you are doing this, and at the end of the amal, do Dua to Allah and ask for what you seek help in. 


More Ritual /Amal (Continued)..

September 23, 2016.


Protection from various spiritual problem Brother RahmanRitual/Amal : Protection from various spiritual problem

What I tell you today may seem very easy which it is, I give Ijazat (permission) to do this reading which provides a great amount of protection from various spiritual problem and at times can even provide some relief from existing spiritual problems, Inshallah.   

Allah’s beautiful name Ya-Hafeezo (Protector, Guardian).

After every Salah/Salat recite Ya-Hafeezo 101x that would make it total 505x.

Before going to sleep recite it 313x (optional for additional protection).

For our non muslim brothers and sister you can also recite this, you may recite it 5x a day at times of your choice 101x and can also recite it prior to sleeping 313x.



Increase your spirituality during Ramadan Brother RahmanRitual for increase in Ruhaniyat (Spirituality) (During Ramadan 2018)

After Fajar: Surah Ya-Sin 1x

After Duhuzr: Astaghfirullah Al Azeem 1000x

After Asar: Surah Muzzamil 3x

After Maghrib: Astaghfirullah Al Azeem 505x

After Isha: Surah Al Fathia 33x, Astaghfirullah Al Azeem 505x, Hasbunallahu-wa-ni'mal-wakeel-ni'mal-maula-wa-ni'man-naseer 100x



September 07, 2018


Cleanse Home of various types of negative energies Brother Rahman Ritual RoomHouse/Building/Any Indoor Property Cleansing:

Just like our bodies need to be cleansed spiritually and physically, our homes also need physical cleanse of-course and spiritual cleanse. The reading I present to you today is a great way to cleanse the home of various types of negative energies, Inshallah. This can be done daily, weekly, or monthly. One can also do this if they want to clear someone else’s home and prior to do any type of healing.

  1. Allahuma Sali Ala Muhammadin Wa Aly Muhammad 5x
  2. Surah Fathia 3x
  3. Ayat Al Kursi 3x
  4. Surah Jinn first 5 Ayahs 1x (Saying full Bismilllah when starting the Surah)
  5. Allahuma Sali Ala Muhammadin Wa Aly Muhammad 5x

Note: Be in wudu when doing the reading & have a glass of water near you. After you are done with the reading, blow in the glass of water lightly 3x, then put your right hand fingers in the glass of water and sprinkle it on the high parts of all the walls in the home. If person is having bad dreams, water can also be sprinkled on the bed. Do not sprinkle any of the water in the bathroom, on the ground or anywhere near shoes.

To make a stronger version of the above water, follow all the same rules but add in these extra readings, Inshallah.

  1. Allahuma Sali Ala Muhammadin Wa Aly Muhammad 5x
  2. Surah Fathia 3x
  3. Ayat Al Kursi 3x
  4. Surah Jinn first 5 Ayahs 1x (Saying full Bismilllah when starting the Surah)
  5. Surah Kafiroon 3x (Saying full Bismillah each time)
  6. Surah Ikhlas 3x (Saying full Bismillah each time
  7. Surah Falaq 3x (Saying full BisMillah each time)
  8. Surah Nas 3x (Saying full BisMillah each time)
  9. Allahuma Sali Ala Muhammadin Wa Aly Muhammad 5x

Then follow all same directions as stated above, Inshallah.




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