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Rest assured that my Talisman/Taweez is fully based on Quran. I do not use Naqash (magical squares), I do not use odd names such as names of jinns, nor do I use odd symbols or any type of formulas to represent a Surah of the Holy Quran as I find this very disrespectful. Surahs of the Holy Quran are to be represented as they are written; not to be shorten or put into a “Magical Square sequence” simply because someone seeks something “hand written” assuming hand written means “REAL”. Please read before you proceed to buy.


If I would make A Talisman and Surah Ya-Sin is involved, I will print the Surah out due to the fact that this Surah is extremely long, and to avoid any mistakes that can happen when trying to write by hand an extremely long Surah. I will then use the proper oils that are affiliated with the Muwakils of it, if specific verse need additional attention I will use a very special Ink to go over those verses, I will take no chances to make any mistakes in even “a single letter” when it comes to the Holy Quran. I will do the proper “Amliyats (rituals) to prepare the Talisman/Taweez.


I do not simply print something out and mail it, hence why it takes so long for my Talisman/Taweeze to be made. And this is why, Alhamdulilla, why some people feel the effects of the Taweez/Talisman the second they wear it. Some have even felt the power of the Talisman/Taweez before arrival, ALHAMDULILLA.


I have studied Ruhani/Noorani ilm for a very long time, Alhumdulilla. And with Allah’s will, have become Amil of various Surahs and Aya’s of the Holy Quran. I have no need to make talisman with anything else BUT the Quran. 


If you are looking for Tweeze that are 100% Quran, are prepared with REAL Ruhani/Noorani ilm, then you will find them here, INSHALLAH.


To know more about what is Talisman/Taweezs and how they are made, please view this article that I have written for more in depth information, Inshallah.



Power of Real QURANIC Talisman/Taweez


  • Terms and Conditions of the Item/Service
  • We do not accept reserves on any items; all items are sold on a first come, first served basis.
  • All items/services that are prepared & served and the benefits that have been stated are based on my own personal knowledge, opinion and spiritual guidance.


Thanks for visiting my shop.

Brother Rahman.



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