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  1. patrick foord January 5, 2013 at 9:26 am #

    Brother Rahman is absolutely the very best to contact and you can buy with total confidence. He says his purpose is to help us to get closer to God/Allah and through his work and his spirits he does this. He is the only really genuine seller of such items I have ever come across after many years of searching — there is no-one like him in England, perhaps he is the only one on the internet that can be truly trusted. A wonderful man.

    • Brother Rahman
      Brother Rahman January 5, 2013 at 1:04 pm #

      May Allah Subhana Watala bless you, May all negativity’s be kept away from you, and May Allah (swt) allow you to prosper in your new beginning INSHALLAH

  2. Emaad Huq January 10, 2013 at 2:38 pm #

    Brother Rahman is the absolute BEST!! Hands down! Nobody can match or compete with him! He genuinely cares about YOU! He will do anything he can to help you out! His level of expertise is unsurpassed! He has helped me and many of my friends! I wish I had found him earlier! The amount of work and care he puts into his items is outstanding! He concentrates on his work with a dedication and passion which nobody can offer. If you believe in miracles then believe in Brother Rahman!

  3. Haleem Mohammed January 11, 2013 at 4:14 am #

    Amazing seller! His items are truly genuine and authentic! I cannot stress how much brother Rahman’s items have helped me! With that being said you have to work your absolute hardest first and use his wonderful items as tools to help you along your way. First believe in God, then believe in yourself, then use these items to achieve your dreams and goals.

    You must not expect for the things to happen without putting any effort on your part. Things are not so easy; nothing comes without hard work and sacrifice! You must be patient and you must stay optimistic and only then you will see the true virtues of these wonderful items.

    Before I met Brother Rahman I was taken for a fool on ebay by so called fortune tellers… They conned me out of $500 dollars and told me a bunch of garbage. I wish I met brother Rahman earlier once I received his talisman I felt an immediate impact I began to feel better, I was doing better in classes, I started getting more people’s attention.

    Brother Rahman is the utmost authority on these spiritual items! Please give him a try you will not regret it! Words cannot express the wonders he has done for me!

  4. Naseer Ali January 12, 2013 at 12:05 am #

    I would like to tell brother Rahman Really thanks for his help, I had alot of spirtual revelation but no one was there to guide me,ALL prasies to allah , brother rahman helped me in this matter with his free advice and other spirtual stuffs. I have plan to get some stuffs from him when the time is right too. I feel that his is true in his work, unlike like most of the spirtual master in the martket selling things only for their gain, Brother rahman is far from them , he is really a true muslim who will help other muslim brother and sister, But to all people please do not take advantage of his kindness, he is doing a job just like all of us and he has to earn from his job too. God bless brother rahman!

  5. Rani B January 13, 2013 at 3:49 am #

    I heard about brother Rahman through a very good friend. He told me that he made talisman’s to help with my study and concentration. I was a bit skeptical at first but I decided to give him a try. I received my talisman and immediately I felt the results! I could concentrate for long periods of time, I was much more attentive! Honestly I cannot even study without my talisman anymore that’s how powerful his items have been for me! I wish brother rahman the best because he has helped me out so much! Thank You

  6. Nadia Nawaz January 13, 2013 at 11:36 pm #

    I don’t know what to say. Brother Rahman has helped me with so much…. ALLAH SWT has given you a great gift… may ALLAH SWT always bless you and your family with happiness… AMEEN… Ever since I started talking to Brother Rahman he has gave me hope and helped me through my ups and downs in life. I purchased a talisman and MASHALLAH it’s amazing. It helps me with my studies and it also helped me get into my program. I could not of done this without Brother Rahmans help… I have honestly recommended Brother Rahman to my family members and he’s helping everyone out. THANK YOU SOO MUCH…

  7. Asma Syed January 16, 2013 at 3:34 am #

    Wonderful simply Wonderful! Brother Rahman has dedicated his entire life to this art. He is probably the most experienced and gifted in these matters. We are truly fortunate to have his services available in the west. The service he provides is priceless. Brother Rahman in my opinion gives you the absolute BEST service possible! His results are outstanding! A notice to some people who think his services should be done for free. You wouldn’t call a priest for a wedding and expect them to do it for free. You don’t call a rabbi to perform a ceremony without paying for their service. Even imam’s they charge a small fee for weddings, blessings rituals etc. Brother rahman is no different from any other professional and in my opinion he offers his services for an outstanding value! So please do not take advantage of his kindness!

  8. B A January 28, 2013 at 8:13 pm #

    Brother Rahman has helped me so much. The most genuine, most caring person i’ve met online. You can’t trust many people online but BR is an exception. He is selfless, understanding and is an expert in this field. I am already seeing changes Alhamdullilah and I have in Allah that it will continue to get better, thank you BR for all your help. I will stay in touch

  9. mick mick February 1, 2013 at 12:17 am #

    Brother Rahman is a wonderful man. He is so understanding, patient and caring. His jinn are very real so dont think you will be getting any rubbish like you do on ebay because Brothers items are as real as the nose on your face. I purchased a Djinn ring, a talisman and Djinn oil and all are 110% perfect. Brother has taught me much about the jinn with all his wisdom, knowledge and patience. I wasted so much money on fake items from the internet until I discovered Brother. THANK YOU SO MUCH BROTHER RAHMAN from itsmybuyer (MICK) Friends Forever.

  10. rbex26 February 5, 2013 at 1:05 pm #

    great to work with!

  11. Edward Martinez February 7, 2013 at 7:41 pm #

    Brother Rahman IS A GODSEND! He was always there for me and helped me with an out of control obsessing jinn FREE OF COST. He is a very humble and understanding man who actually cares for his customers to put in the right amount of time and energy to deal with each particular and unique situation carefully.

    His items are 200% real, so know what your getting!

  12. Nadia K March 7, 2013 at 6:54 pm #

    I had been suffering from black magic and demonic possession for years and i had spent tremendous amount of money in search of healing but ended up empty handed, i thought i will have to suffer with this for rest of my life, only up until i rant into Brother Rahman on the internet.. Since then he has helped me so much. im not suffering from evil possession anymore which was the biggest issue of my life..Brother Rahman is a man of his words, he does not make false acquisitions or promises..Brother Rahman is a wonderful and most honest and the most compassionate healer who thrives only on healing people on all spiritual levels..Who ever is in need of spiritual help please look no further. Brother Rahman is one stop destination for all your sufferings.He dominates over all evil forces….Brother Rahman is blessed with vast amount of power in his Talimans. when i first had his Talisman around my neck i felt invincible from all evil that exists in this world.. Brother Rahman is one of a kind and one and only who is gifted with countless blessings from Allah and we all thank him so much for sharing a portion of his blessings with less fortunate people like us..i dont have enough words to thank him, hes an Angel ..Im so lucky to have found Brother Rahman..
    Thank you soo Much!!

  13. patrick foord April 12, 2013 at 4:25 am #

    Once again I can report great satisfaction with everything. The first item I purchased from Brother surpassed all expectations, he was always patient and kind, and took great trouble to ensure that I understood what I had to do.

    After continued success with the first item I was again drawn/inspired to revisit his website and again I made a purchase. Needless to say I have no regrets, only great joy and gratefulness for what I have received. There is no-one like him, he is a man of great power and spiritual knowledge, and if you are in the slightest doubt that he might be just ‘another seller of rubbish’ then do please ignore that doubt, for he is truly genuine and his items are without comparison. I add this testimonial to all the others that express great satisfaction and do so as the only way in which I can express my deep thankfulness that he is on the planet and able to help those that deserve his aid. Through his work this Englishman has come to a deeper understanding of Islam.

  14. mick mick May 1, 2013 at 5:00 pm #

    Hello Brother, thank you again for your service. My djinn ring arrived and he is communicating with me already, I am so happy and greatful to you once again. Mick (ITSMYBUYER)

  15. Claudia Contreras June 1, 2013 at 4:54 pm #

    I bought a memory talisman from Brother Rahman and it has worked so well. It helped me study and helped my confidence during exams. I’m exited about my grades, specially since I improved so much since using the talisman

  16. Daryl July 26, 2013 at 9:17 pm #

    Brother Rahman has helped me already and I have yet to receive the items ordered, as they are still being prepared. I feel significant positive changes in my life already! I am blessed to have been led to this site and to have discovered a friend in truth! He is patient and attentive to all of my questions, guiding me through my fears and confusion. This man is genuine, spiritually gifted, and a godly man. I am so very grateful- Thank You!

  17. Nashima khan September 12, 2013 at 4:35 pm #

    I have yet to come across a man who is as genuine, honest and dedicated in wat he does. My life has changed since Brother Rahman made talisman for black magic which was done on me and my family. I had been suffering from black magic done on me and with the grace of Allah and help of Brother Rahman I feel Alhamdullilah. He has been so kind and compassionate. My heartfelt thanks are with Brother Rahman always and I can’t thank him enough. He is unique in his field and I would have no reservations about telling people he is the best Amil in this line of work. Believe me the black magic was so bad on me, it nearly ruined me, and I have tried many people before but he excels in this work. May Allah bless him immensely and I’m just grateful I was led to him by Allah at the right time. he is the best. Thanking you Brother Rahman as always! Brother Rahman also helped my mother, my brother his wife and children.

  18. Nitin Sukhram September 27, 2013 at 3:08 am #

    Good day everyone…

    I am the lucky one to have been offered a spiritual companion by Brother Rahman (BR)..This did not happen just like that but after many questions and clarifications etc, BR accepted to offer me a spiritual companion. I have received my item after a while (remember folks custom conjuration takes time) and all I can say is that I am in awe…The entity is very powerful and has already been providing guidance with issues around me….Brother is 200% genuine and his entities are no game, they are very powerful beings to be treated with utmost response. However, this should not let us astray and forget god/allah…

    Also, I would like to point out that BR helps a lot of people who are non-muslim (as muslim as well). So do not hesitate to contact him if you have issues…He puts in a tremendous amount of effort and energy in his item. I am not here to have a go at fake sellers but I will not trust anyone on the net for the purpose of having a spiritual companion as you do not know really what you end up getting….

    I have also acquired talisman from BR and the moment I wore the talisman , I could feel powerful energy that makes me feel so light…BR is a straight shooter and will tell you things as it is…but he is Genuine and Honest. He is a real master of his art….he has been checking on me ever since I have got my companion and making sure everything is right….Also not to say that BR talisman is a real work of art. I had to wait like 5 weeks for my Talisman as it is hand made and the ritual involved is long etc. BR is not here for a quick turnaround to make some quick cash.

    From the Heart I can say that seekers will not be left astray by BR…His items and his help has made me more curious about spirituality and islam in general. You can trust BR anytime , do not hesitate to contact him…

    Thank you BR for all your support and help.


  19. Chris3eye September 27, 2013 at 11:03 am #

    Bless you Brother Rahman!
    You are as wonderful and light bringing as each of your pieces. I purchased an item recently afte having been attacked by…something. The entity was dark and powerful and what Ibelievebto be a Cambion. I had previously purchased one of his protection items and I am not hqving issues any morevthanksto him. I have been researching much about the metphysical world and please i say protect yourself. Get oneof Brother Rahmans items. you can do yourself no better tha to purchase from the very best out there. try it yourself if you dont believe me…

  20. Hafiz abdullah September 27, 2013 at 8:51 pm #

    Greetings to all.
    If you are looking for metaphysical items that actually work, look no further. Brother Rahmans products are genuine and WILL work.I have purchased a few items from him for various purposes and they all worked. One must bare in mind that Items are only tools and one must be willing to over come his problems and not just expect the tools to do all the work for him. Sure he may seem like mean and stubborn man but that is because i used to email him with 10 questions every day but deep down once you get to know him he is a very nice person. He answered all my questions no matter how dumb they sounded despite getting about 200+ emails a day. I have also purchased jins from him and it has been very exciting for me as I am still new to this subject and learning more about it day by day. Mind you, I was OFFERED a jin by him. HE will decide if you are really in need of a jin so don’t be disappointed if he refuses. He is experienced in this field so he knows what he’s talking about. Bottom line is I am pleased I met such a wonderful person with excellent products that do what they claim and I will be buying many more items from him if need be. This is a 100% authentic review and my honest opinion about this spiritual healer.
    JAZAKALLAH Br.Rahman.

  21. ZAKI January 7, 2014 at 7:48 pm #

    Brother Rahman is 100% trustable, Brother Rahman-Your help has been invaluable ,.
    I was broken when my mother was hospitalised because of Black Magic, I was searching for Raqi who can help me and i found Brother Rahman. I ordered from him Demon Package(talisman of 101 alvi angel and home protection) for my mother but It had long time(near to 3 weeks) to be ready so I requested Brother Rahman to do temporary protection on my mother before talisman will reach to my mother, Brother Rahman has done temporary protection on my mother and Mashaallah she was feeling fine. He’s helped me like my brother. . And will add full of my experience review when my mom will get demon package insaallah… highly recommended… Its my prayer to Allah that Allah give him long life and give him more and more power to help people like us who in need… Many Thanks…

  22. patrick foord June 4, 2014 at 1:05 pm #

    some time ago now I obtained my second entity from Brother –with very strong spiritual energy and has become a valued protector in the inner planes.

  23. gunawan ateng July 11, 2014 at 5:24 am #

    Today I am going to write a little bit on my experience with Brother Rahman and his Djinn, that he conjured for me…
    Even though I didn’t know Brother Rahman for very long, one thing I know is that this Elderly man is very good hearted and trustworthy, not like the other people that I know, that misleads you astray, only thinking about themselves; there’s a lot of people like this.
    Today I just wanted to talk about Brother Rahman. He can be a teacher. A friend. And can be wise in his sharing of advice.
    Now I am going to talk about the Djinn/khodams, a lot of people want to get a Djinn /khodam or entities have a different purposes like:
    To be able to get rich or ask them for revenge on a person, this is the most common people to get a Djin/khodam
    The second type of people is to get the Djin as a protector and to learn spiritually, Well I’m this type of person.
    Again a lot of people think that when they get a Djin/khodam they can see them or talk to them, well this is possible if they are willing to let you see them. Or we can learn from a proper teacher.
    To be able to see them, one, you have to learn or you’re born with the ability and are able to see the entities, most people can only see them is a couple of seconds.
    They’re two ways to see them:
    1. Using our third eyes, not our physical eyes.
    2. Using their physical eyes. Which I myself cannot do…if this happens it will drain your energy a lot and you get exhausted physically.
    But let’s get back to the main topic, I have many Djinn/khodams and they show different characters of energy and behaviour, now let start talking about the Djinn that I received from Brother Rahman.
    After working with this Djinn, this Djinn does not show himself or make an orb, but makes a vibration on my body or shaking partly on my body like my hand when I’m working with him or zikir with this Djinn and it makes a noise one time
    I hope with this story I can share a bit of my experience with the Djinn that I received from brother Rahman, nor showing any arrogance, so please except my apologize if this story may or may not be what you want to read. Thank you.

  24. Tpmoney1 July 13, 2014 at 10:39 am #

    He has helped my situation drastically. The person (my ex) wanted nothing to do with me anymore, like never wanted to talk to me at all. After he started his work I’m getting texts and even a photo from her now! Now We have seen and hung out with each other the past 2 days!! It’s up to me now to play my cards right like Brother Rahman told me and things will go my way. It’s crazy! I’m so thankful that I found brother rahman. He is the real deal simple and plan! He you need some help contact him and tell him about your situation.

  25. Ninja July 26, 2014 at 9:38 am #

    Brother Rahman is legendary in our realm & many others.
    It is always a pleasure to retain his services.

  26. Gary Black August 16, 2014 at 5:06 am #

    Greetings Everyone .
    I have purchased the ultimate protection from jinns and dark spirits pack consisting of 3 talismans , 1 for protecting your home 1 for personal protection outside the home and 1 for your personal choice .I have been very happy with the service from Brother Rahamn and i can honestly say that i feel this man is a very good and knowledgeable person .He always replies to any email i have ever sent with helpful advice .My problems of spiritual attack have subsided.Since i contacted Brother Rahman 3 profound events have happened so far .1 my ex wife who was very angry with me and everyone else has suddenly became happier and is asking after my welfare(she has been bad talking about me for the last 10 years at least and is not herself)2, For the 1 time since my mother died 7 years ago i had a very clear dream of us being reunited and my mother was very happy and smiling and we had a hug ( seemed very real )3 … two nights ago i had a dream of and tall cloaked figure standing over my bad as i slept and he reached out and touched my left temple and showed me some blueberries .lol . i have really high cholesterol at the moment and i did not want to take drugs for it .turns out after some research that blueberries are excellent for cholesterol reduction and in fact cardiovascular disease .So with all this that has happened i can say that Brother Rahman is a good and honest professional and does what he promises and i feel a lot happier knowing that good entities are now surrounding me and my family . Thanks Brother Rahman

  27. Md Saif Tauheed August 19, 2014 at 9:35 am #

    I don’t know what to say – I can’t express in words what a good & pious man brother Rahman is. He is absolutely an amazing person – the best out there… Brother rahman not only guides everytime, he sent me multiple items “FREE OF COST” when I couldn’t afford it . He is really a gift from allah.. there is none out there who is as good as this man is !!!!

  28. kyle September 10, 2014 at 12:33 am #

    He is so real, if you pour your heart to him and have faith in God then you are being led by your God to come here.
    Not by accident. Listen to my story.
    He has a supreme measure of sincerity that if you talk to him long enough you will FEEL him through those email’s.
    I did on about email 50 or so..Not what he did for me but “WHAT HE IS”.
    He is a prayer warrior and he fasts for his customer.
    Why pay him? Why would God want me to pay him? Listen.
    This type of work is hard and cost money as-well as time and sweat.
    He is the lord’s possession!
    When fasting He weakens himself to focus amplifying his direct control over knowledge.
    Now the lord is very well pleased with his son.
    For by my testimony i experienced this man.
    See who he is…and find that he is DIVINE.
    TEST THE SPIRITS to see if they are of god.
    His spirit’s are HOLY!
    I felt them!
    You must try him and find out!
    I bought a talisman from him and he finished making it quickly,
    and yes still no matter how quick it took him to finish his work
    it was yet still made for my great blessing.

    I was emailing him, enjoying him, sharing with him my faith and details in my case and do you know what happened?
    For when i realized he was holy i shot out of my seat in prayer and said!
    Lord Jesus fill him with fire!
    Allah fill him with my thanks!
    Allah protect him!
    Then I was in the spirit and by MOSES came word he said “I see your messages.”
    This is a man so close to God my friend’s.
    Remember we have only been talking about 13 day’s.

    So when he Say’s “I can get rid of your demon’s” He means it!

  29. Lili September 20, 2014 at 11:53 pm #

    Dear All,
    for your information:
    i got 3 talismans+1( Brother Rahman gave me for free) for almost a week now..
    once parcel’s arrived, i truly feel the powerful magical energy, i wear it day and night except in certain times..
    My current life situation is difficult but i feel more positive and stronger, and i know Brother Rahman is always there to help..
    Brother Rahman is very helpful, kind, generous, good hearted, and I’m so very grateful to found him..
    May all bless be with this wonderful man and his family, wishing him a wonderful and happy life..

    To be continued…

  30. Adam Jassat October 1, 2014 at 11:45 am #

    I haven’t even received my items yet from BR, but he is definitely the real deal – shows great care and concern for clients, totally honest to the point of being blunt (which is a rarity these days), he will tell you how it is.

    My situation has been difficult, but he has replied to all of my emails, answered all of my questions, provided useful advice, and also offered some extra items to help my situation

    I know that when I receive my items, I will feel some positive effects, and to anyone reading this review you can and should purchase in 100% confidence – have no doubts – you will be helped and surprised even

  31. Mlion October 30, 2014 at 4:38 am #

    Dear All,

    just a quick testimonial from my own experience recently..
    on the 9 of october i talked to BR via email, updating him whats going on with my life after i received talismans from him, my husband’s job has improved but my situation still stay the same, BR kindly advice me that things happened because of God’s will, maybe my job is not meant to be for me…etc, i take all his advice and agreed with most of he said.
    The following evening on the 10/10/14 we got amazing news which help us a lot, lifting some of our problem, for the 1st time i manage to close a deal, have enough money to pay some bills, for that I’m so grateful..
    BR told me all thanks to Allah, my humble BR doesn’t want to take credit for him self
    And I Thank you very much for praying for me BR, may God always give you health to help more people like us, Yes of course Thanks To Allah for all the blessings..

    to be continued…(again :))

  32. Holly Martinson December 18, 2014 at 6:45 pm #

    Brother Rahman is a very good man. He has been helping me with a black magic problem and has sent me some items when I could not afford to pay at the time. A very generous man. When I was able I purchased some other items from him. I could feel the power come off his talisman and his work is genuine and real. I had gone to others for help in the past and they were more interested in taking money for services that didn’t work. So if your wondering if he is genuine, don’t worry, he is and does this work because he really wants to help people. His products are the real thing.

    • Mlion January 11, 2015 at 3:09 am #

      Yes BR is very generous man, few months back I order a negativity ring for my husband, and ring got stolen during shipment, without fuss he sent the replacement soon after, i feel blessed to found him, wish to know him sooner…Love and Light

  33. Iqbal Abedin January 8, 2015 at 5:21 pm #

    Alhamdulillah,My prayers were answered by Allah(swt) when he guided me to Brother Rahman,I was suffering from very old blackmagic(decades old) which effects were getting worse with the passage of time,which involved the use of powerful Jinns(Ifrit).I found out about it only around 5 years ago,it was cast on me to destroy every aspect of my life.I went from healer to healer in vain,then 1 and a half years ago I took treatment from BR and by the grace of Allah(swt) I was cured.BR has also put a Hisar(protective shield) around me so I am safe from future potential black magic and Jinn attacks.I waited around a year and then used BR’s Aura and Energy cleanse service,which was very effective in treating the psychological and emotional wounds still left over from the blackmagic attacks and other negativity.I felt good after the treatment was completed Masha Allah.

    I have also purchased other items from BR,which I am very pleased with and will leave reviews of them under each specific item listings soon insha Allah.

    I must say hand on my heart BR is a very sincere,kind and generous man.His services and items are of a very high standard and are worth every penny.
    May Allah(swt) give BR the best!

  34. Okechukwu Ibeh January 24, 2015 at 8:16 pm #

    I am from Africa and i say here with every confidence that Brother Rahman is SIMPLY THE BEST EVER! No one like this Servant of Allah in this world EVER….Extraordinarily caring and compassionate!

    There is No other seller online like this man online…..Items are EXTRA genuine and you can FEEL the power once you touch them! Talismans and Rings are all GENUINE and their Energy is Indisputable! Muslim or not,the items will work for you as long as you do your part! Buy without Fear as this man is the truth you have been looking for!

    This is the ONLY seller Online who will NEVER EVER lie to you because of money or gain but will ALWAYS ALWAYS tell you the truth and provide you with Wonderful Solutions! Truly Truly since i know him he has become like a Father to me and he ALWAYS give you free advice whenever you ask Him and he truly cares about you! Try Him And see things for yourself!
    Even though i am Christian but i pray that Allah will bless and preserve this man because no one else like him!

  35. Student Seeker March 10, 2015 at 6:41 am #

    Assalamo Alaikum
    I am interested in Sufism. And for me I wanted someone who could open my senses so could sense the Unseen and therefore becomes greater. I just happen to eye an article on the website and was surprised by the amount of the original information the Author has wrote. After reading a few more articles, I knew the Author had “tasted” the truth. So I sent some emails with some questions and “brother rahman” with quality answers. I then started the Course on Third Eye Development. From here on.. I refer to the Brother as Sheikh for that is more appropriate. The best thing about the Course is that the Sheikh prescribes using Pure Arabic from Quran Paak and it is Noorani training as opposed to ‘other’ methods. The other advantage is the Sheikh is aware of your ‘spirituality’ hence prescribes the perfect dosage. To satisfy the reader, I would say one is able to ‘experience’ first hand as The Sheikh mentions what is likely to happen over the period of the course which would only serve to boost your link. As we know the beauty of Islam is Tawhid and the Sheikh has aswell I what I have heard from previous Sufi Masters is Tawakkul on The Almighty. The course itself is intense and im sure those sincere and pure intentions will find it fruitful. Even after the course ends, the Sheikh still helps me out even for trivial questions and as we know, people hardly reply to text messages these days! Or put the phone down on you! Because the Sheikh has studied under various teachers, he will not raise and dash hopes and give false promises. He would tell you as you are… And the thing is.. The Sheikh himself has gone through the practices and will only teach what he has practiced. The Sheikh is himself a mountain on knowledge and May the Almighty grant him a long life and health… And Blessings upon the Beloved, His Family and His companions. Ameen

  36. Naseer Ali March 18, 2015 at 1:09 am #

    I would like to post appreciation message. 2 years back i contacted brother rahman seeking meaning of my dreams and spiritual advice. I decided to get a entity too, but after i ordered, i cancel it for some reason without realising that its all a negative force stopping me to do so. Till that day till this year, never was a time i did not visit his website. Again and again i will visit his website. Recently my wife family had a shir (black magic) problem. I decided to contact brother rahman again. He remembered me well after two years. I ask for apology for my hasty decision i took 2 years back. Then i told him about the shir problem and he suggested to get some stuffs. Without any hesitation, i order talisman 101 /home protection. He also gave 1 talisman for me with generosity for free!

    We followed all his advice and within days we felt things were getting better, we had dreams and felt good, ( all praise to allah)
    After few week he informed me that the shir is gone. My family are so grateful to brother rahman in his assistance.

    I have again decided to get a khodam from him and he also did a generosity by giving me at a certain price which i cant reveal. As my finances is not good at the moment.

    He has done alot of things which i have not mentioned here with his generosity and indeed his a teacher for me in my all spiritual aspect.

    I humbly everyone here who is reading my post to pray/doa for our brother rahman to have blessing from our supreme lord allah!

    I just love my teacher much!

  37. Giovanni April 2, 2015 at 6:09 pm #

    Brother Rahman has re-ignited the passion I once had for Magick.
    After spending a small fortune on popular auction sites,being constantly disappointed on false claims by sellers who had 100% positive feedbacks.

    I decided to listen to my intuition and purchased an item from Brother Rahman.Upon removing it from it’s packaging ,I felt an immense connection.Everything I expected and more!!

    Apart from being a good listener,he is also a generous man.

    I feel blessed that we’ve crossed paths.

    Thank you.

  38. zubair mansoor soomro April 23, 2015 at 3:18 pm #

    Asalam o alikum
    Brother rahman legond of this era….not seen many of this type now a days…a true friend a pios person and most importantly caring besides having huge knowledge and expetience i did not see any ego in him. My experience has statred with him while a month ago and i wish if i can leave every thing and surender my self in his feet to learn and follow…God bless him with long life i dnt hav words to express my feelings besides a wish in pray that i want to meet him.

  39. Husain May 3, 2015 at 11:53 am #

    Asalam Alaykum,

    It seems as though everyone that has any interaction with this beautiful human being feels blessed. Well I also feel the same … truly blessed that I stumbled across Brother Rahman’s website. I felt this was a sign from above who came to help me through my difficult time. He truly has a heart of gold and is always there to help people with real problems. However, if you plan to contact him and ask stupid questions out of curiosity, don’t waste his time. Thank you for helping me through my difficult time. You are not only a man of wisdom who is blessed but you are also a great father figure that kept me grounded and realistic with life’s challenges.

  40. Fuad Afan May 23, 2015 at 4:57 pm #

    Life was so gooood and smooth UNTIL my life’s achievements and aspirations began to spiral down and crumbled before my own eyes! No logical reason or scientific explanation could give answers or solutions to my problems. Must I say here that I have a MEDICAL BACKGROUND AND NEVER BELIEVED IN THE UNSEEN WORLD AND MYSTERY OF LIFE UNTIL SOMEONE DID A VERY STRONG BLACK MAGIC ON ME!. For more than 10 yrs, I continued to suffer as I seek healing and solutions to my problems from many acclaimed spiritual healers who sometimes turns out to be Devil’s own advocates. Every aspect of my life (Success, achievements, finances, relationship, physical and emotional well-being, etc) suffered and was hit hard by the evil invention of mankind, the BLACK MAGIC. I ONCE CONSIDERED EVERYONE WITH STRANGE TALES AND EXPERIENCE AS PSYCHOS BUT NOW, I KNOW BETTER! One cannot always rely on the limitations of our physical senses in evaluating every life situation! Some problems require divine spiritual solutions from a true and knowledgeable Spiritual Healer, like Brother Rahman!!!!!!!!!

    My own spiritual problems took a long while (over 10 yrs) before Allah(swt) decided to show me his mercy, Alhamdulilah Rabbil Alamin. My whole life took a good and great turn-around about 6 months ago when I stumbled unto Brother Rahman’s (BR) website. I was skeptical at first, moreover his services and items seem expensive to me at first. AFTER CONSULTING WITH BR VIA EMAILS AND HE TOLD ME ABOUT THE SOLUTIONS TO MY PROBLEMS, I DECIDED TO GIVE IT A TRY WHILE HOPING IN ALLAH(swt) FOR THE VERY BEST OF OUTCOMES!

    After seeing the powerful effect and success achieved in truly divine ways while saying the prayers that he gave to me, and using the items he made for me, I became overwhelmed with joyful emotions and praise to Allah(swt). Never knew that very powerful spiritual healers who truly know and understand the solutions to my problems exist. Every items he made for me (some items even given to me for FREE!!!) were very powerful and effective. EVERY DIVINE ITEM, GUIDANCE, DZIKIR, AND ADVICE HE GAVE TO ME HAVE BEEN 100% SUCCESS BY THE PERMISSION AND WILL OF ALLAH(swt). TO ALLAH(swt) be all the glory and praise (Allahu Arkbar!!!). LIKE BR SAYS, PUT ALL YOUR FAITH IN THE CREATOR(ALLAH) AND NOT IN THE CREATED (HUMAN BEING)



    BR IS ALL MORE CONCERNED ABOUT THE BEST AND MOST EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS TO YOUR PROBLEMS. HE IS NOT THE TYPE THAT TELLS YOU LOTS OF STORIES! HE HAS NO TIME TO WASTE AND HE DOES HIS OWN SPIRITUAL EVALUATIONS AND ANALYSIS OF EVERY SITUATION THAT YOU PRESENT TO HIM. THE RESULTS OF HIS SPIRITUAL EVALUATIONS OF EVERY SITUATION THAT I PRESENTED TO HIM IS ALWAYS ACCURATE AND ON POINT, MASHALLAH!! I PERSONALLY WITNESSED IT SEVERAL TIMES WITH DIFFERENT SITUATION RELATING TO MY OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. The First thing he gave was a Dzikir(prayer) and was free. He Sent the prayer to me after I TOLD HIM HIS SERVICES AND ITEMS WERE EXPENSIVE(I’M SORRY BR, I KNOW BETTER NOW!) When I started seeing the powerful effects of the dzikir that BR gave to me, I decided to go for more i.e Aluwi Taweez, Home defense, Powerful Ayn-Ali, spiritual oil, etc Kept coming back for more because I was seeing good results. At a point BR put a freeze(stop0 on my orders and he said to me “My dear, you need to start saving your money. You are buying too much” Turns out that BR is not really after your money…Alhamdulilah.

    I am currently taking e-learning classes for Aura cleansing which has being showing even more significant improvements in me. These rewards are things that you will personally see, sense, and feel by YOURSELF!

    WARNING: Do not tell him lies about your situation because he will find out and do not ask him to do anything haram(sinful) because he will not do it! All other things that are legitimate with the permission of Allah(swt), he will do for you. Just ask!!!

  41. latoya bonnick July 9, 2015 at 5:41 pm #

    thank you so much brother rahman you are the best person i met for this long time let say this to anyone out there who is looking help and dont know where to turn are who to trust let me say this if you found this site or someone recommend to brother rahman trust me when i say you found your self the best help you could ever seek for look no more,this man is a blessing and this earth to help us all believe when i say, all my life change in a good way because of this man i thank god i met him,thank you brother rahman,for helping me, god bless you,**************************

  42. Naseer Ali August 7, 2015 at 12:47 pm #

    Bought a talisman for my newborn baby, within wear it for a short period she was vomiting a few times, upon checking with teacher rahman , he said it was an evil upon her hence it was the reaction. Mashallah very grateful to allah for showing us a way.

  43. sakbar August 21, 2015 at 6:50 am #


    I would like to thank brother rahman for helping me with my sihir removal and spiritual problems. I was affected with black magic and was duped by many fake healers, who were only after money. By allah’s grace I landed up at BR’s website, I went through and read all the sections and found it to be very authentic and contacted BR. I’m very grateful to almighty allah for showing me the way.
    BR without beating around the bush told me upfront what my problem was and what treatment I should take. I immediately took his advice and availed for the treatment, he started my treatment and sent me talisman’s for me and my family. His talismans are very powerful & effective tool and they provide exactly whatever is claimed by BR. Also BR helped me for free when I faced a different spiritual issue, he’s a genuine healer who’s real purpose is to help people and not extort money. I have not come across any person in my life like brother rahman, who’s honest,upfront and precise.I have bought few items from BR and all his items are very powerful and highly effective.Also BR is highly knowledgeable, alhumdulilla he taught me many things.
    My allah abundantly bless our BrotherRahman .ameen.

    Jazakallah Kher

  44. LuvNPeace November 18, 2015 at 8:32 am #

    I never meet Brother Rahman in person but feel so closed to him, beloved teacher who helped me and family with his genuine super powerful talismans and prays.
    BR, I cant thank you enough, since i’ve known BR a year ago many good things come our way..bad curse to our life slowly goes away
    praise God for all the blessings and to guide me into your website a year ago..
    May Allah bless you with good health BR and thank you for helping me and my family…

  45. BG Miller November 24, 2015 at 4:42 pm #

    Thank you Brother Rahman! I have had the home protection talisman and personal amulet for some weeks now and can sense things changing for the better. and THANK YOU for making an extra talisman for me….because I am still hunting for the original one 🙂 somewhere in my home. Blessings to you.

  46. ufuk isik December 27, 2015 at 4:12 pm #

    I would like to express my deepest gratitude and respect to dear brother rahman.
    I have been a student of dear brother rahman for nearly a year.First of all i would like to thanks to you dear brother that you have except me as your student.
    In this time frame we have managed to complete Alhamdulliah all the HEALING COURSESS inc THIRD EYE CLASES.

    As dear brother rahman keep says over and over there is no 100% guaranteed Alhamdulliah Allah knows best and only Allah will and can grand your work.But what can teacher do is point you to correct way so you don’t get lost on the way and protect you from necessary attacks.

    NOW ,as many of you read on dear brother rahman articles about THIRD EYE and he mentions this could take sometimes years of training and this is something to do with your ruhaniyet level too.
    surely Allah is not going to bless you with the secret ilm just because you do some reading and reciting,purity is very important.
    When i complete all my healing courses that was time for the THIRD EYE opening and this Alhamdulliah didn’t take long.
    If there is wish there is will.

    i would definitely recommended to everyone to do all there courses , there is NO LOOSE here as our dear prohit (s.a.v ) muhammed has mentioned ( the biggest ibadeet is learning a ilm )
    i promise you even if nothing happens for some reason trust me you will end the course with the FEAR OF ALLAH IN YOUR HEART.

    and that my friends is the biggest ibadeet at all.

    • Marilyn Evans July 3, 2016 at 10:08 pm #

      I was getting to do a ritual which I mentioned to a friend. He told me not to do the ritual, I need a teacher. He gave me Brother Rahman ‘s site which I read thoroughly then I contacted him. After he read my problems, he e-mailed me back the same day. As one of his students, he is patient. He is very honest, he tells you the truth not what he thinks you want to hear. He truly has an in-depth knowledge which I have never experienced before. He has helped me beyond what I could have ever thought. He is an excellent teacher, he listens and explains everything step by step. He has changed my life forever and for that I will always be greatful. Words are not enough to thank Brother Rahman for everything, including what he has taught me and what he will continue to teach me. I am very fortunate to have the chance to know Brother Rahman, he is awesome. May Allah always continue to bless him.

  47. Johnny Awesome February 4, 2016 at 3:18 am #

    Salam Alaikum Brothers and Sisters,

    There is so much to say when you think of Sheikh Abdur Rahman Sir but I will abridge all the great experiences that I have had and keep it very plain and short. I have exchanged a lot of email over the past two months with Rahman Sir (sahab) and during every email exchange I learnt something that always wet my appetite for spiritual knowledge. I initially contacted Rahman Sahab to help with me with my motivation towards simple things in life (such as focus to help with paying of my debts quickly and having good physical health). Little did I know that I was dealing with a very powerful Sheikh who was an epitome of spiritual strength. He continues to impress me with his knowledge that Allah has blessed him with, because from the moment I made contact with him, he totally had the power of remote vision over me. Meaning, he is very generous with his time he spends with each person, he will listen to you and be sympathetic to everything that you state in your correspondence BUT…. he WILL validate whatever you are saying 100% if is true or if you are blowing smoke up the chimney. Such powerful is his power of remote vision and spiritual knowledge (ilmu). On the first week itself, by the time I could even tell him everything about me, he already tapped into my inner self. By the time Rahman sir prepared my talisman, I was so delighted to know that it contained more benefits than what I could even think of for my age and phase of life. He added more than 15 benefits for me that have instantly helped me from the time it arrived in mail. Although I continue to give him a good % of credit for his blessings and powers imbued into the talisman, I am also going to recognize the mercy of Allah upon me that made me come across Rahman Sahab’s website. Prior to contacting him I read every page on his website and by far, I have never seen anyone in the entire world translate the powers of the spiritual realm so clearly in English language.

    Each person needs to have a mind, body and soul that should have an aura to “receive” signals when work is done for them. Meaning, you should have he aura and the spiritual discipline already present in you for any powers to start working once created for you by Rahman Sahab or anyone you deal with. Believe in Allah (Subhan Allah) and you surely will receive help not only from this world but also from others (seen and unseen) that the Almighty has so graciously created.

    Anyway, 2 days after receiving my talisman, I had to change my residence to another rented accommodation, spiritual sensitivity hit the max on the meter scale and I was experiencing all the amazing things of the creator. Jinns stopped troubling me when I slept (Well the beautiful ones still do :-)). Also my employees started performing their tasks without me having to breathe down their necks and people started synchronizing with the ideas in my mind. I wrote to Rahman sir and thanked him for a wonderful item that he created for me. I am now providing this feedback on his website because I felt everyone should know how amazing my experience has been.

    Peace be upon you all.

    Until then…

  48. MYRHA Leskens February 15, 2016 at 4:45 am #

    ” A good blessed man! its communication and work are to the divine service and truth.
    The keris comes by Brother Rahman is a wonder! i have great confidence in B Rahman. Many thanks” MYRHA

  49. Syed April 12, 2016 at 12:43 am #

    Assalamoalykum, I ordered Few items from Sheikh Brother Rahman last week. Alhamdulilah, things are changing for me. All items I received were in excellent package and Roohani smell I just love it Jazakallah. I can not express in words how Sheikh Brother Rahman helped me with my situation. I will always remember you in my prayers. May Allah (swt) give him good health, long life and always keep him happy. (Aamin).

  50. Faizan Syed May 11, 2016 at 8:10 pm #

    Aslam Alaykum
    I just had to leave feedback on brother rahman, I have purchased many items from dear brother rahman from rings to talismans from oils to bakhoor to even jinn. Any item you buy from brother rahman remember it is 1000% real. You will feel the energy from his simplest talismans, his expertise is indeed one of a kind, I have met other authentic healers and Amels but they do not compare to brother Rahman’s age and experience, brother Rahman unlike other healers was a born healer and dedicated much of his life at a very young age in this spiritual criteria and is a natural and the knowledge he has is from Allah the one true lord of the worlds, the God of the heavens and earth works through this generous man who is a 100% true Muslim, a faithful man Alhumdulillah.

  51. Faizan Syed May 11, 2016 at 8:13 pm #

    I have a strong jinn I had purchased from brother Rahman it is one of a kind I can feel its immense energy, sometimes others feel there are spirits in my house, due to the energy of the jinn, energy is very spiritual, if one wants a jinn, I would purchase through brother Rahman because your safety is this mans concern, and dealing with jinns can be dangerous if you do not have much knowledge, brother rahmans jinns are not normal jinns they are very spiritual beings and professional jinns, they will be around when they need to be around, and they cause no harm, even if asked, I’m sorry my dear brothers jinns follow the religion of Islam, not the devil. If you want a jinn that will watch over you and assist you in strengthening your faith in the lord of the worlds and ward off much negativity and negative spirits and even provide protection from many things to a certain extent, and help you gain in spirituality, life, & luck then brother Rahman is your guy.

    JazakAllah khayrn habibi you are blessed by Allah the exalted in might the one and only true ultimate power.

  52. Saba May 29, 2016 at 6:40 pm #

    I’m really thank ful to brother Rahman for his guidance & helping me to increase my spirtuality. He’s very kind & patient. When I started bismillah sharif course I was bit depressed that might be I’m wasting my time but after completing level 1 I’m eager to do level2 & would suggest everyone to do bismillah course. I can’t explain my feelings into words. Thanks to Allah for helping me to find the world’s best teacher & I really mean it!!!!!!

  53. salamalaykum June 6, 2016 at 4:43 pm #

    Salam Alay Kum

    Brother Rahman is in no doubt the real deal and more , reach out and consult him and see for your self from his answers that this is a pious and knowledgeable gentleman you are dealing with! Subhana Allah !

    I have purchased 2 items with an additional one on the way and I have to say I have not a single atom of regret in my body 🙂

    ~Custom Talisman for improving luck and financial situation~ Throughout my life my luck always fell through last minute and this was affecting my finances ,I always never had enough money at the end of the month and if I did there was always a large expense that came shortly after , within a couple of days of putting the talisman on my luck changed dramatically ,it’s been more than a year with the custom talisman and I have to say hamdAllah my finances are smooth and so is my luck ,subhana Allah brother Rahman is indeed a very skilled Amil don’t miss out on his custom talismans !!!!!!!

    ~Negativity and Luck Ring~ My mentality changed 100% within the first days of wearing this ring, beautiful design subhanaAllah ! Brother Rahman is not kidding when he says the ring is second to none when it comes to pushing away negativity and enhancing ones luck ! HamdAllah I came into contact with Brother Rahmans site! I have become a much more positive person it really is difficult to put into words the change that happend especially to my luck ! I have been meeting all the right people for things I need in my life , positivity is coming into my life in ways that it has never manifested Al Hamdu il Allah! All of this and it has been less than a month of wearing ! Al Hamdu il Allah!!!! Wallahi ! If you need spiritual assistance or doubt this wonderful man see for yourself and ask !!! May Allah bless us all and bless brother Rahman for his work, effort , generosity and patience, Allahu Akbar !

  54. TheAwakened Heart September 18, 2016 at 8:05 am #

    Asalam wa Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu,

    Blessings and divine peace to all.

    I was referred to BR’s website and at first I was sceptical because I had tried to seek help from others but not many people were able to help.

    I have experienced black magic since before my birth, so you can imagine, it has been in my life for 40+ years. The black magic was done in a way where every good situation I encountered would result in negativity. Also, I had not experienced a good night’s sleep since I was 12 years old due to attacks in my dreams. Without going into too much detail about the issues, I can tell you that I contacted BR and with Allah’s will, he has been able to help me and my family. I have purchased numerous items from him with excellent results (as described in the item descriptions).The results were obvious very quickly. If you are wondering whether I will continue to purchase additional items, then the answer is Yes.

    Allah / the universe (depending on your belief system) used BR as an instrument to inspire me to come back to my faith. I am a revert and I have never been more joyful in life. Please don’t think it was instantaneous. I am a work in progress combining my spirituality (metaphysics, laws of the universe)

    I also need to point out to you that after BR removed the black magic and put a protective circle around me and my home, I started noticing certain things during prayer / meditation (I will not reveal the details-thank you for understanding). I then found out via BR that there were entities who wanted to work with me (healing work). So my journey begins (I am in very early stages and still have a long way to go).

    Please know that I had to meet quite a few criteria to even seek support from such an amazing human being.

    However, I can tell you that he is 100% genuine, he will not even harm a fly.

    My suggestion is to listen to the radio interview first – it answers many questions for someone that has found this website to seek help.

    Regardless of your faith, if you need help removing entities, bringing peace into your life, or want divine protection, this man can assist (the list is endless).

    For those that have had the pleasure of working with him will tell you that he does not even take credit for the work he does. Contrary to how he may be perceived, he is very humble and always willing to help.

    Remember, never lose hope – there is always a solution.

  55. jamie September 26, 2016 at 8:18 pm #

    Pearl of Wisdom

    With All Praise due to ALLAH AZZAWAJAL, I give one hearty thanks for the service of this Mighty Man of GOD!

    I have received a custom made pendant that is an asset towards my future success.

  56. jamie September 26, 2016 at 9:59 pm #

    The Pearl of Wisdom

    As I would love to call it. Approximately about one month ago, I came to Brother Rahman with some concerns i had with improving my life.
    I asked if he would be willing to produce a tailor-made pendant for me, that will help me to appeal to my listeners. He agreed that he would, after we decided on a reasonable price.

    To make a long story short, and a short story shorter, I noticed a difference in the way people responded to me. Women who previously didn;t give me much notice, are now overzealous to continue a conversation.

    Kind of trippy. His work is nothing short of Divine.Brother Rahman, is Unparalleled in the spiritual and metaphysical works! May ALLAH AZZAWAZAL reward You Greatly, Ahki!

  57. jamie October 7, 2016 at 12:32 am #


    Hear me and listen well. I have purchased a customized stone, for the purpose of establishing charisma; moreover, for the Power of Speech.
    Previously before I acquired the stone I struggled in social interactions. That is no longer a case issue. By The GRACE of ALLAH AZZAWAJAL has The Peace of Mind Stone, which I have incorporated with The Stone of Eloquence have been extremely successful.

    The GREAT GOD has blessed me to become acquainted with a Very Special Man.

    Jazaak ALLAH Khairan, Shaqiq alrahman!

  58. Sahila Azizi October 30, 2016 at 10:00 pm #

    Asalam Wa Alaykum

    Brother Rahman is a true gift from God. His powerful divine knowledge, a genuine personality and a caring heart which is ready to help at anytime makes him unique. No one’s work is comparable to him and no problem is too difficult for him to handle unless it’s Allah’s will. I came across to Brother Rahman’s website when I had difficulty finding a suitable employment. Shortly after getting a talisman for employment, I landed the job I always wanted. I can’t thank enough Brother Rahman for his help. Also finding Brother Rahman website was not an accident so I thank Allah wa Ta’ala for showing me the way. Now I know where to go if I need help. Thanks Brother Rahman , you are amazing!

  59. cdiema01 November 11, 2016 at 4:07 am #

    I have been working with Brother Rahman for years. He is a kind wonderful person who has intense knowledge of the unknown. The items received from him are real. Let me type this again REAL. I learned of the intensity of a real magical holy items after touching some of his items and I will never forget how I felt during those hours. I admire this man very much and I know he does help people and these are not lies. I am a professional went to school for years learned the sciences but never let my spirituality grow. I didn’t even believe in these types of things until something happened to me and I found the brother after lots of research and many disappointments. I am not getting any money or nothing for writing this review only the satisfaction that someone can read this and if they have a problem get his help. He can be difficult at times because he is strict and hates questioning, people who don’t follow the rules, greediness and laziness but aren’t most holy men and masters of some kind like that? I think he is wonderful. God keep him around and his team for many many years! Love the brother. Thank God and him for all the love and help
    Dr. D

  60. Mirza January 3, 2017 at 12:02 am #

    Wallahi brothers and sisters Baba Rahman has helped me with so much( everyone calls him brother but i call him baba) he has done so much for me.…. Yah ALLAH bless baba rehman and his entire family with happiness and grant his entire family in janahtull firdose… AMEEN… Ever since I started talking to Baba Rehman he has gave me hope and helped me through my ups and downs in life. I was in deep depression and stressful life. Everthing was going against me. After baba rehaman done my treatment alhumdulillah everything is normal now. So honest and punctual person. What i mostly like in him guys his Neat and clean guidance. And Always humble. After spending 20000$ dollors with stupid people around the world. I gave up hope. And then i started Keep going asking allah for help. At last Allah has merciful on me through baba rehaman. In a small bit of amount. I got cured. Today i would like to thank my lion of Jordan baba rehman for his help and love towards my family. Guys as a muslim brother i would like to say only one thing. Don’t waste your money here and there. Baba rehman the best and most powerful legend. Guys after going through this message. Don’t waste your time and money with wrong people. Just contact baba rehman. Try to Avoid shaitan talk because he won’t allow you to go near baba rehman. Because he knows that. He will get in trouble. THANK YOU SO MUCH BABA REHMAN.


  61. Ay lqt June 5, 2017 at 7:20 am #

    Assalam O Alaikum, I am so pleased to write this review for Brother Rehman. He is a very nice decent person who listen to our needs and advises us what is good for us, guides us and helps in all the possible way he can. I assure he is honest and trustworthy person who makes his products with hardwork, dedication and love. I have been in contact with him and i am very satisfied because i FELT the energy of the products i ordered. The peace the positivity is present in ALL the products he sends to his customers. The Tasbeeh i ordered from him smelled amazing! Reading Zikr on them is a beautiful experience. I recommend him 100%. I feel blessed and happy to find him and get help from him. Thank You very much Brother Rehman Allah Bless you.

  62. anon June 20, 2017 at 5:43 am #

    I am writing to express my thanks and gratitude to Brother Rahman, who has helped me to win a very difficult civil court case against my ex-wife. What is remarkable about this situation is that I contacted Brother Rahman AFTER the court hearing had finished and the judge was going to make his decision after a few weeks. The case had not gone well for me and I was worried – even my lawyer said to me that there was a real risk of me losing the case as the judge seemed against me and appeared to favour the ex wife.

    Brother Rahman took on my case and worked on my situation on a daily basis. It was a very difficult time for me and Brother Rahman kept in regular contact with me as I was very stressed about the outcome. After a couple of months I received the court decision and it was not only in my favour but in addition the Judge granted all the things that I had requested from the court !

    The power of God / Allah is very real and Allah has blessed Brother Rahman with truly unique gifts and great spiritual power. Thank you so much Brother Rahman, I will not forget the help you provided.

    Best regards


  63. Fuad Afan July 30, 2017 at 4:17 pm #

    Asaalam Alaykum everyone,

    This is NOT a REVIEW (I had written many previous reviews with all been excellent ratings many times). This is A TESTIMONY like my Christian brothers and sisters would say of awesome personal experience of the POWERFUL MANIFESTATIONS of DIVINE FAVORS, ALHAMDULILLAH.

    I have known Sheikh BR for over 4 yrs, MashAllah. I have being in continuous weekly or sometimes Daily contact (during spiritual guidance courses) with Sheikh in all of that period, Alhamdulillah.

    Sheikh BR’s exceptional Ruhani ilm (spiritual Knowledge), Skills, spiritual power, genuine kindness, generosity, helpful guidance, advices, etc. never cease to amaze me till this day, Alhamdulillah.

    For many people who have used Sheikh BR’s Spiritual services, helpful items/tools, Amliyat, Wazifa, etc will readily testify to the POWERFUL and AMAZING RESULTS that ALLAH (swt) BESTOWS on Sheikh BR’s products and services, Alhamdulillah

    Yes, the Amyliyats/wazifas are very real and YEILD POWERFUL RESULTS IF YOU FOLLOW THE RULES!!!

    I remember over 4 yrs ago when I first contacted Sheikh via the email porter on his website. Then I had serious Black Magic problems and Very Bad Djinns (i.e Many) possessions with other stuffs like financial problems, bad luck, etc. After Sheikh did his evaluation of my problems and complaints, Sheikh Charged me about$2,500= or so, for his Service of TOTAL BLACK MAGIC/DJINNS REMOVAL.


    Please don’t blame me for been skeptical. I had dealt with lots of fake spiritual healers and BABAs who had collected tens of thousands from me over 10yrs before Allah(swt) guided me to SHEIKH BR, MashAllah.

    After 2-3 weeks of wazifa, things got worse. Djinns usually trouble and harass me every nights for over 5 yrs. Now, Djinns had intensified their harassments and attacks to include BOTH days and nights after I started doing wazifa. I became more disturbed and said this (ie wazifa) is not helping rather it is making things worse.

    MAY ALLAH (swt) PROTECT US ALL FROM DECEPTIONS OF SHAYTAN (Auzu billahi mina Shaytani rajeem… I seek refuge in the power of Allah (swt) against Shaytan). So I told Sheikh BR that the Wazifa was not helping and things are even getting worse. Sheikh BR immediately told me everything I was experiencing MADE ME REALIZED THE SHAYTEEN DJINNS WERE TRYING TO MAKE ME FEEL THE WAZIFA IS NOT HELPING BY TRYING TO MAKE LIFE MORE DIFFICULT FOR ME SO THAT I CAN STOP DOING THE WAZIFA.

    This occurrence was very strange to me because I just reverted to Islam few weeks before I came accross Sheikh BR. WALAHI (Allah is my witness) I specifically bought QURAN with TRANSLITERATION and also downloaded Audio Quran recitation to practice each of the Surahs each day before the actual time of wazifa begins.


    To my surprise, and by the GRACE of ALLAH(swt), after struggling with the pure Quranic Wazifa for 4 weeks, THINGS SUDDENLY BEGAN TO CHANGE FOR BETTER.

    Djinns harassment and disturbance gradually became less, now I am able to have some sleep at night although Djinns still try to constitute a nuisance and Disturb my sleep (Idiots, Shayteen Djinns). I pray you do not have an encounter with these Shayteen djinns because they are merciless beings that will make your life a living hell. Stay protected by all means in Allah’s (swt) protections.

    These Djinns are still WATCHING ME AND HAVE NOT LEFT ME ALONE COMPLETELY,WALAHI. When I became so comfortable and stopped praying regularly they come back, if I do haram things they take advantage to attack, let me just stop here so that I don’t scare you BUT EVERYTHING I HAVE SAID HERE IS REAL.



    Alhamdulillah everything has been getting better since I met Sheikh BR, MashAllah. Over the last 3 yrs, I always use RUQYAH BAKHOOR and SPIRITUAL OILS (I prefer Level 3 oils) for my Daily Dzikir, Salat, Wazifa, Spiritual activities, etc

    This last Thursday night(July 27, 2017) Sheikh BR gave me a Surprise package by NOT TELLING THAT HE ADDED EXTRA SPIRITUAL POWER TO MY REGULAR ORDER OF RUQYAH BAKHOOR AND LEVEL 3 OILS.

    These Bakhoor and oil usually attract Powerful Ruhani energy and entities which in my case I easily sense with my SENSING RING that Sheikh made for me. The sensing is real NOT IMAGINATIVE. Sometimes you feel something really pushing you(not in a bad way),May feel electrical tingling and continuous shaking of some part of your body, YOU JUST CANNOT MISS IT BECAUSE THE ENERGY IS INTENSE AND REAL, MASHALLAH. Even people around who have no clue about my spiritual items usually tell me they feel something very strong coming from me or around me but they usually don’t know exactly what it is. I usually just smile and just keep quiet, Mashallah.

    Anyways the EXTRA STRONG FORMULA OF BAKHOOR INVITED LOTS OF VISITORS WITH VERY HIGH INTENSE ENERGY(GOOD) THAT FILLED UP EVERY SINGLE PART OF MY APARTMENT. MY BED AND BODY WERE PHYSICALLY SHAKING(low continuous vibrations that you will easily feel) These Ruhani Energy woke me up from Sleep at 2a.m and got me Making Dzikir nonstop all through the night till Fajr Prayer. I am not kidding!

    The strange part was that I NEVER GOT TIRED DESPITES HAVING BARELY ONE HOUR OF SLEEP. Yes, went to bed at about 1:00am and got woken up at about 2am. My energy got stronger as I continued the Dzikir. NEXT MORNING(Friday) I told sheikh BR about the strange occurrence. Sheikh just laughed then he TOLD ME HE WAS THE ONE WHO DELIBERATELY MADE THE BAKHOOR AND OILS STRONGER.


    May Allah(swt) continue to bless you and favor everything that you do, Ameenu

  64. Sulaiman Al-Haqq September 10, 2017 at 2:11 pm #

    I would like to post a review that is much overdue. I have explored different paths of spirituality and was brought to Teacher Brother Rahman through much trial and tribulation. I visited a mosque in Dubai and prayed to Allah after much hardship to be brought to a Teacher that can help me move forward in my service to our Lord and to live a good life.

    I had dream of Brother Rahman come to me in the dream and bring me to his school in the spiritual world. I saw many of his students and experiences. I found Brother Rahman shortly after in the physical world. I was so amazed by the accuracy of diagnosing my spiritual blockages and what needed to be done to move forward.

    I bought an Ayn Ali from Teacher. I could not wear the item for more than 20 minutes per day otherwise the energy was too strong. After much practice and effort to build my Ruhaniyat I am not able to wear the item daily. I experienced the oil and lessons from Teacher and the experiences have been truly amazing. I thank Allah every day for helping me to evolve through a real Teacher that cares for his students and anyone who he communicates with. I have experienced fake Teachers and Brother Rahman is in my opinion the rarest Teacher one can find especially in the Western part of the World. Thank you Brother Rahman for your time always, dedication, and compassion to help not just me but anyone who comes to you with REAL knowledge and tools for the straight path that always honors our Creator.

    With love,

    Sulaiman Al-Haqq

  65. Iqbal September 24, 2017 at 3:50 am #

    Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.I would like to post a review for a nafs ring I purchased from Dear Brother Rahman over 3 months ago insha Allah.The benefits of the Nafs ring for me are like MIRACLES !! subhanAllah.When it landed in my hand it started working immediately.My 25 year addiction ended instantly!!! Alhamdulillah.The benefits are getting stronger and stronger with time masha Allah.I am more confident,more energetic,more goal orientated,have more will power,more active generally,voice has changed is more deeper,feel more masculine and powerful,more stronger mentally and physically,my eyes are more shiny/glowing,walk with a more straight back,mind is clearer,communication with other people is smoother because of less mind fog,more assertive.My self esteem has increased and is increasing ,I am getting happier and happier alhamdulillah.

    The addiction was lust related and I was indulging in this habit since puberty,which alot of men are addicted to and also some women.And is causing them alot of negativity/failure and laziness in their lives which I don’t think most people realise.The ring also helps with ego control,greed,envy,jealousy and reduces rage inside you Alhamdulillah A wide range of benefits.The ring heals you and will help you achieve your potential in all areas of your life insha Allah ta Ala.

    I have noticed clearly and it is becoming more obvious with time that the women are giving me more and more attention they are nicer and more flirty.And the men are just starting up conversations with me in the street,at work,at Takeaways they are more respectful and nicer ALHAMDULILLAH.I have less social anxiety and find it easier and smoother to talk to people Masha Allah.I am feeling more and more powerful with time and my aura is getting increasingly magnetic I am becoming a better version of myself and am attracting much more positive events and circumstances Alhamdulillah and I hope I will continue to do so INSHA ALLAH.I am looking forward to how my life will be like in another 9 months time that will be 1 year that I have abstained from this habit insha Allah.

    The ‘miracle’ benefits I am getting and are increasing with time and new ones that will emerge and the price I paid for this ring I feel that My beloved Brother Rahman has given me this ring as a free gift.As Allah (swt) says in the quran : those who purify/control their nafs are successful.The nafs ring will help you experience the reality of that Noble verse in the holy Quran INSHA ALLAH.May Allah(swt) give us the best in this life and the hereafter And May Allah(swt) give Brother Rahman a very long and good life/Akhira AMEEN

  66. Abdulla717 September 24, 2017 at 4:35 pm #

    Asalam Alaikom

    I have been in contact with Sheikh AbdulRahman for around a year now.

    I came to him first when I had a black Magick problem which was dragging for too long which affected many parts of my life. Alhamdillah through Allah’s will and permission and help from Sheikh, it was undone. This was the beginning of my journey in this field.

    I always was fascinated with the spiritual world. Though I did not pursue this field because I did not find the right mentor and I know for a fact that prying into this world with no guidance will only open doors to trouble.

    Post treatment I started off with the spiritual training. I would say Mashalla the knowledge the Sheikh has learned and has is not little at all. A very blessed person indeed. You can check my reviews for the courses and items as well.

    Other than that I had the chance to purchase some of his unique items, which are very effective mashalla as long as you do your part.

    Apart from that, the prices of his services and items to my opinion is way undervalued, we have seen locked items which may turn out to be incomplete/useless where the seller sells them double the price of an unlocked and functional item from Sheikh !

    Whatever is on your mind share it either the Sheikh, he’ll always give you guidance as per what he sees best and cares about his patients and students

    I feel my review is way to short and if I had a chance to express more of views I would. But I would write more down the line.

    May Allah bless Sheikh and protect him.

  67. Dean Dean October 23, 2017 at 4:32 am #


    The honour is immense and the privilege is great, to cross path with Brother Rahman. I am consciously aware that this was ordained, and not by choice. Thanks to Brother, black magic and evil was removed from me and my family. While healing we took some courses and it made our belief in Allah only stronger.

    The benefits of the courses are truly amazing. You must take the courses and experience it to understand and this cannot be expressed in words. If your aura is dark, afflicted with black magic, or attacked by entities, how do you aspire for spirituality? You simply cannot and doomed to fail without realising. It’s like being diagnosed with illness and thinking exercise and healthy food will cure you. You need treatment first, be cured and then you can eat healthy and exercise, otherwise you just make yourself more ill.
    Like how Brother says – Allah Knows Best.

    It is the same analogy, and because evil was removed and the soul is healing. I can see the benefits and witness how much Allah has blessed the people that are not afflicted, Subhan’Allah! I had to work so hard to keep up with normal people and I had no idea, all the while I kept thinking I must be slightly retarded! But I am not!

    How much blessings Allah has given each of us in incredible. Black magic is truly evil, it hinders these blessings making you lose hope in Allah. Al-Hamdu’lillah, once you are saved from these illness, your belief in Allah only becomes greater! Maybe even more greater than normal people! So in that case, I am truly blessed by Allah, to be first afflicted and see his miracles and then to be cured and see even more miracles. Masha’Allah

    The one reading, please understand that this is not some hocus pocus. This is Ilmn(knowledge) and Ibadah(worship), there are no shortcuts. Work to be cured, Insha’Allah. Allah bless us and save all of us. Amen.

    A small poem as a tribute of Shukr(gratitude) to Brother. Allah Bless Brother Rahman, His Students & All Whom Are Dear To Him. Amen

    Darkness is absence of light, falsehood is absence of truth
    To be in pain, is to be without relief. Do you not want relief from mischief?

    Magic and Science, how different are they?
    One you invoke by the soul, the other by instruments.
    They are one and the same, the difference is the planes of domain

    Keep your Prayer with Devotion,
    Strengthen your Belief with Reason,
    Know that together they form Elucidation

    With Quran came Guidance
    With our Prophet came Mercy
    With that came Salvation

    But first let’s get rid of these Deception
    That our hearts cling with Wanton
    You have come to the right place of Treatment

    Let Brother Rahman work his Magic with Allah’s Permission.

  68. JimFul November 26, 2017 at 2:16 pm #

    I have had contact and continue to have contact with Brother Rahman. It has been one of the best things i have ever done. I have purchased and have a ring of Protection, It has worked great and The help from Brother Rahman has been amazing, I am happy that Allah has allowed him to help me and provide spiritual advice to me. I have been so impressed with how kind and helpful Brother Rahman has been, he has even made me another ring which I paid not much for considering the work that goes into to a special item like this. He has done numerous favors for me , I have never asked him for anything but help and nothing Bad for it is against my beliefs. For this he has helped me constantly with anything. He has made exceptions and stayed within my budget, has been truely professional and caring. He is a true practioner of faith and is not fake or was trying to guarantee me of anything or steal money. He is one of a kind healer and helper and also teacher. I will continue to consult him for my Life and His. A truly Great person, Who I respect totally, and he is real! Trust me when I say this because there are so many fakes but he is True. Brother Rahman is real.!!!

  69. JimFul December 5, 2017 at 2:57 pm #

    Brother Rahman has done another great thing for me! Brother Rahman has made an AYN ALI Ring for me for a very great price and has taken the time to infuse it with everything I needed and requested for, Brother Rahman sent me pictures of the ring but it is more spectacular in Person. I am Greatful that Allah has had favor upon me and Brother Rahman and he has continued to help me with everything I do. I will live a humble life and continue to study my faith and the Occult in following Brother Rahman’s advice through everything. Thank you Brother Rahman so Much for everything.. Ameen. My friend and Mentor.

  70. Ay lqt February 22, 2018 at 1:50 pm #

    Assalam O Alaikum, I have again purchased some items from Brother Rehman a few weeks ago. It was Ultimate Ayn Ali with 33 benifits whis is a very strong and powerfull item. It is very effective and a person can feel the energy right when it arrives to its owner. Brother Rehman told me to respect the items by not using them when not clean state and this is true as the items are powerfull when used with respect and cleanliness. Allahs dikhr is very important to keep your self positive and focused. Brother Rehman tells to be positive and move forward with hardwork and this is very important. The harder you work in life and focus on your goal the more Allah help and items work with you.
    Brother Rehman is a very generous and caring man. He is a man who will not ask a dollar more just to sell his products but he looks into our individual needs and helps accordingly. I always seek his advise when i purchase anything from him because then he tell me the perfect solution for me. He has helped clearing blockage in my life. I am very gratefull to him for his time and hardwork.
    Allah Bless you.

  71. Sultana786 April 30, 2018 at 2:58 pm #


    I spend thousands of dollars for black magic removal, but waste of money. Then I came to know about Brother Rahman. He is 200% genuine person.
    U can close your eyes & trust him.

    Brother Rahman not only removed blackmagic but also changed my life into positivity. He has more knowledge about you then you know yourself. Most important his guidance is from Quran. All his items are so genuine, u will feel after wearing or using it.

    Brother Rahman helped me in every single task of my life. He never ask u for extra money. His genuine hardwork can be seen during his treatment & guidance. When he replies to your questions & guides u , we can feel his truthfulness. MashaAllah.

    Brother Rahman, you are truly a blessing to mankind.May Allah(SWT) give u highest postiion in Deen, Duniya & Akhirah. Thank u so much brother.
    May Allah(SWT) give u highest position in jannat-Ul-Firdouz for helping so many people. JazakAllahKhair.

  72. Faizan Syed May 27, 2018 at 3:44 am #

    Thought I write a new review

    After dealing with brother rahman for a couple years I’ve came to a conclusion that every time I did not listen to brother rahman (out of stubbornness) I found myself in BIG trouble and in a huge mess in my life EVERY TIME. I’ve learnt not to disagree with the man. He is a Real True Master by heart and soul and one of the realist true Murshid(spritual guide) of the 21st century MashaAllah. Brother Rahman is a true soldier and friend of Allah Almighty and knows Islam and Quran better then anyone else I’ve ever encountered in my entire life, he doesn’t judge people and is very open minded. I truly think no one in the USA can compare to his skills. Please do not take his kindness for weakness nor take advantage of his kindness. Brother Rahman with the help of Allah (SWT) can truly assist people with all sorts of problems, who is truly a man of his word who never gave me or anyone else any false hope nor is he a business man you’d be a fool to think otherwise, there’s been plenty of times brother rahman has kindly told me to save my money because I just kept trying to purchase more and more. People would be shocked what a genuine man like him is even doing with a website, he is a real true powerful Amil with experience like no other Alhumdulilla perhaps the last of his kind and he’s 100% legitimate absolutely no doubt about it, a modern day legend. I don’t know what I’ve done in life to be one of his student. I feel beyond blessed. Alhumdulillah. When I was younger before I met brother rahman, I use to think of myself as some very powerful and knowledgeable man, just because I can fight very well and lift very heavy weights with a good body and had a lot of knowledge on Islam, the Holy Quran, and Ruhani ilm, assuming I was some kind of big wali Allah. Always wanting to be in charge feeling undefeated like some big Islamic leader or spiritually powerful man. The first time I encountered brother rahman, I thought “who does this man think he is?” But when I finally spoke to him I immediately submitted to his authority, he had such knowledge(ilm) it snatched away my ego and had me on my knees repenting to Allah Almighty day and night. The man made me feel like a child. No one ever thought they would hear me of all people say this, and actually swallow my pride, but if there is a man that I envy it is Brother Rahman (though it is good envy) Alhumdulillah cause I look up to the man and his strong connection with Allah swt, he changed my life for the better, beyond words, and saved me from causing great catastrophes to myself and my loved ones. Alhumdulillahi Rabbil Alameen. May Allah swt give you highest position in this dunya & akhira, Ameen. A true friend of Allah!!!

  73. Riz August 1, 2018 at 12:28 am #

    I first came across Brother Rahman in April 2017, when he assisted me with some pressing personal problems. Subhanallah, I saw immediate results. This is when I realised, I had met a pious, genuine, God fearing, high calibre spiritual healer and amil.

    He is extremely knowledgeable…

    His honesty, sincerity, guidance and willingness to help, day or night always impressed me.

    In fact he was always there for me. Alhamdullilah.

    Since then, I have managed to convince Brother Rahman to sell me some high powered amulets from his personal collection.

    Alhamdullilah, I consider myself among a lucky few to own such ancient genuine spiritual amulets.

    Subhanallah, if you follow all the rules and guidance as provided by Brother Rahman, Insha-Allah you will definitely see great results…

    In fact, I am extremely happy with every single amulet I have purchased from Brother Rahman…

    If you are looking for a genuine spiritual healer or real spiritual amulets from a honest, sincere amil who knows what they are doing. Brother Rahman is your man…

  74. Nitin Sukhram September 16, 2018 at 6:20 pm #

    Hi everyone,

    Inshallah everyone is doing well. I have known Bro for a number of years. In the past I have purchased a number of high powerful items from Bro and a lot of them are collectors item. Indeed i am a collectors of paranormal items. When I was a beginner in the field, I was also in the thrill of spirit communication Andy dreams etc. Now it is the opposite. I do feel energy of items from Bro but I am not seeking dreams or communications as a proof that the item is inhabited or not. I assess my items through positive changes in my life. And yes there’s has been a lot of lot of positive changes and my authority and charisma has increase tremendously.

    Very recently Bro kindly sent me a one of a kind item from his travel. Apologise I won’t be able to to provide further details on the item itself as it I see not listed here. All I can say is that it is a one of a kind unique item from a remote place. I did my usual ritual the first day. Whenever i finished I put back item in its cabinet and head to bed. I had a busy day and I slept almost straightaway.

    The next day, it was a normal day of work. However, in the evening my wife told me that all night you were sleeping and I could not sleep until 3 AM. She mentioned that whole night Shen felt someone was in the house walking around and also someone was in the room watching over us. And there were few episodes that the cat start running around and was restless. And everything’s settled around 3AM where she was able to sleep.

    I asked was it negative? Were you scared ? Well her answers were ‘ no I was not scared. It didn’t feel negative but the energy was strong’. Very strong. The following days things came back to normal (for her)…in her own words she made the comments to me me ‘that teacher of yours is strong and genuine.. his item is not BS’…she also mentioned the last time Shen felt that sort of energy or overwhelming feeling was when She was in a holy place in Jerusalem.

    God bless you all

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