Why do you need spiritual protection to protect yourself from the harm of Blackmagic and Blackmagic Practitioner?

Why do you need spiritual protection to protect yourself from the harm of Blackmagic and Blackmagic Practitioner Brother Rahman


This world is nothing more than a test. Allah has put both good and bad in this world to see what path we choose; light or darkness. While we can choose our path we need to realize it is Allah Subhana Wa’Tala’s will that allows anything to happen. While some may say “why does Allah allow bad things to happen to good people”, we need to reflect back to the first sentence of this paragraph “This world is nothing more than a test”. Allah wants to see how we react when things are bad, Allah wants to see what path we choose. This world was not created to be harmonious, wonderful and carefree if so then what would be the purpose of mankind if Allah made everything good and easy for us? This world and everything in it is not anything more than a test and no good or bad can happen if Allah does not will. Ameen.

Power of a black magic practitioner like anything else in this world depends on how much time and dedication this practitioner put in the black/dark arts. Of course other things apply such as natural talent and type of training but hard work and dedication is a must.

Black Magic by no mean is not a joke nor should it be taken lightly because when a black magic magician becomes well versed the type of spiritual abilities they gain are extremely powerful and difficult to beat. Black magic can be done in various way and each practitioner can be good in a specific method of black magic. Some of those methods beings:

Talisman/Taweez: This is when a Magician uses magical symbols and writing to bring harm to their victims. Either these talisman are buried near the victim’s home or in worse cases placed inside a mouth of a corpse to make it harder to retrieve and also to make the black magic stronger. If a black magic magician is well versed and can employ demonic entities and have them place the talisman in the victim’s home for faster and more direct harm.

Talisman/Taweez made with victims belongings: Another type of talisman meant to cause direct harm to a person consist of the victims hair, nail or even part of a clothing they may have worn. This method allows the entities used during the ritual of such talisman to easily track the victim and cause greater and longer damage.

Talisman put in food: In this method the magician will prepare talisman and mix it with food or drink and somehow give it to the victim where they physically consume the contaminated food. This magic is more related to illness and brings quick death in some case.

Rituals: When a black magic magician becomes very powerful and now has the assistant of demonic entities, the use of talisman is no longer required. But in most cases is still often used to make the overall black magic stronger and harder to remove. I knew a Black Magic Practitioner who was so well versed in such rituals that he could simply go out to the market look at someone and remember their face and go home and do magic so powerful on that person that their lives would be destroyed within 72 hours. Now this man and I had a spiritual warfare for 9 months so I can very well tell you how powerful such magician can be. I was helping a victim that he had done very heavy magic on. I still remember that one night after I got done treating this patient, the magician came to the place where I was staying but what makes this part so mysterious is that this magician lived about 1 hour away from me, never saw me yet managed to come to my home and confront me. When he came to where I was staying, he did not knock. I had the sudden urge to go outside and as I opened the door I seen this man standing outside maybe 5 feet away from me & door. He looked me and said “Stop helping that man or I will ruin your life.” Then turned around and walked away. Indeed this man was very powerful and the type of black magic skill he had I still yet have to see. I still remember that night like it was just a few months ago I am not afraid or shy to say but his spiritual energy was so dark and powerful that just looking into his eyes brought fear in your heart.

There are many, many other methods Practitioner of the Black Arts have to harm people but one thing is a fact that the stronger the black magic magician gets the stronger their talismans and rituals get.

Allah Knows best.



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